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Re: Itachi's status development..

Originally Posted by Anbu-Kakashi View Post

Bro itachi is none ones bitch i don't were the fuk you are getting this haku was willing to die for zabuza he literally licked his ass if that's a bitch then pain is madara's bitch zetsu is madara's bitch aka is madara's btch wtf r u talking about get over it ok there is someone more pwerful than itachi it's madara and he taught itachi everything he knws which is why we have a bad ass ninja.
No one in Akatsuki was Pain's bitch.. All of the members fought for same goal, monopoly on war.. No one was willin' to die for Pain.. None.. To some extend, they did want he said, cuz they were a part of the plan... An example, instead of fightin' Konoha, and gettin' Naruto, Deidara chose to take on Sasuke...

Originally Posted by Anbu-Kakashi View Post
So stop whining because speaking of a bitch it makes you look like one no offence at all just stating a fact and sorry if you are offended but that's the truth ok itachi is still a bad ass still powerful big deal he is helping his mentor out everyone does that the students are suppose to do that.
No offense.. Heh.. Whatever, bro...

I know Itachi is still a very skilled nin (didnt mention anything that would say otherwise), but thats not what Im talkin about, kid, is that Itachi status as character has dropped greatly by being pawn, an easily expendable character.. That want I hate..

Use some commas and periods, dude.. Its really annoying readin' your posts..

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