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Re: Itachi's status development..

Originally Posted by Anbu-Kakashi View Post
Dude did you not read the manga itachi said"My accomplice and my mentor" he said my meaning uchiha madara was helping itachi not the other way around so if you define that as a bitch then madara is a bitch.

Who said itachi is willing to die for madara don't state things that haven't even been hinted yet in the manga.

You can whine about it all day but in the end you are still wrong,and you need to stop crying and get over it that's it nothing happened to itachi so i don't know why you are making a big deal out of this.
You're right, nothing has happend to Itachi.. He is still as skilled and powerful as ever, but that is far from the point.. It is Itachi's status as a character that has changed greatly, okay.. From being introduced as character that single handedly slaughtered the Uchihas till one who had help killin' them.. He doesnt seem so awesome anymore..

And Im goin' to whine as you it all I want.. A character with such potential to become even greater is gone.. Thats what I hate.. So far its seems like Im the only one who is disappointed with Itachi's latest development.. Im fine with that..
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