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Originally Posted by yami_youkai
err.. sorry but was that suppose to be some supernatural thing? coz i don't get what you mean. [the second event]

Anyway, my exprerience with ghosts are like a daily visit to the loo. Do ask me questions to make it easier for me to tell a story if you're ever interested.
The door slammed shut before he even touched it, and no one was at home, so no one could have done that. Unless someone crept into our house or something.

Okay, here's another one. One of my friends swears her house is haunted and is moving because of it . Anyways, she sees dark shapes at night, but nothing is making shadows. In a drawer her mom had for a few years she found a red and black giraffe mask that she had never seen before in her life (it wasn't there before she bought it either, she had looked in that drawer the morning before it happened). I googled red and black giraffe masks and found that it stands for a woman's life. Not that that makes it make anymore sense.
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