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me, mom, tammy, heidi and dilian went to fort pickens when i was like maybe, 12 or so, and heidi and i went down this one tunnel thing that they usta put gun powder and stuff in, and we were about half way down it, when we could finnaly see the end of the tunnel and there was this big white dog, like a beagle, laying down with it's back turned away from us and we were omg, dog. so we went back and told mom and tammy, and they wanted to go tell a park ranger dude, so when we finally found on, he started laughin' at us! anyway, he told us it was this dog that got thrown off the enemy's boat that was out in the water with a note attached to his collar, (remember, battle fort, water, navare or somewhere near navare in florida, during a war) and they ppl in the fort took care of it, and one night, there was a guy patroling the outside perimeter, and there was a rustling in the bushes, and he said to show themselves, and it just rustled again, so he shot at it, and it was the dog. it died. so the guy said that there had been alot of other ppl who had seen the dog, too, and me and heidi started freakin' out, and mom, tammy, and dilian were laughin' at us. -.< curse them!

and this one time at school, i was goin' to lunch late, and there wasn't anyone else in the same hallway as me, and there was this classroom that didn't have anyone in it, and it was all dark inside, and when i walked by it, the door slammed really loud and scared me. i'm not sayin' my school's haunted 'er nething, it was just freaky.
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