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Re: do u think spirits and ghost are real?

So here’s my further explanation on the unseen world. This post is meant for people who are curious about the unseen world, for those who have encounter strange things and wants explanation. I will try my best to explain as details as I can to make you understand. My post is base from researches that have been done by people who have devoted their whole life studying about this unseen world and from people than have encounter this spirits or whatever people call it. For non believers, don’t reply stupid post if your intellect cant think this far and this complexity of thinking. Don’t post for just what you believe without doing any research. So do your research first before posting. For those who have question, feel free to ask.

Originality: They were once angels but betray God’s command to bow to Adam (our fathers) and since that day they have become Demons. The 1st demon (fathers of demon) is name Jaan or Azzazil. He was made from the hottest fire. He is still alive until today and only will be dead when the time has come for the entire universe (doomsday).
Forms: Jins have various forms just like human. Some are tall, some are fat, some are very big and some are very small. Their skin are also in various colors such as white,black,red,blue..etc. But don’t expect their shape are like humans. They are totally different. They have the ability to shape shifting into whatever they like but this ability is depending on their power.
Races: They have their own races and community. Each race has their own ability just like humans. Some are intelligent, some have powerful strength, etc. if I explain all their ability even 3 pages won’t be enough. So the summary is, they can be anything as they like.
Homes: They lived everywhere in this world. Some on lives on the air, some in our house, some in the woods and some in the water …etc.
Personality: Jin can be good and can be bad. They are also like humans, they can learn but they are much more clever than human because they lived thousands of years. When they choose to be good, they will stay in their Jin form. Normally good Jins will stay away from human population such as woods or in the air. This is because they don’t like to see bad things such as wars or any destruction made by human. When they choose to be bad, from there they will change into DEMONS.

Originality: Some people call them ghost, bad spirits, supernatural but the big word is they are DEMONS. They evolved from Jin. Once they become demons, there is no turning back. They will have no feelings or mercy anymore. All they are is pure EVIL. They is no such thing as good demon and bad demon, they are purely 100% evil.

Forms: Same as Jin, they have various forms but not same as Jin. They have very ugly and hideous shapes and faces. That’s why people scare the hell out when encounters them.
Races: Yes, like humans and Jins, they have their own races also. Each races has their own unique abilities. Some can shape shifting, some can posses human, some can create illness, some just appear in front of human to scare them…etc..
Responsibility: Their job in this world is only One Thing, the create disturbance in the human world. They will always haunt humans to make human feel bad about themselves, to turn good people into bad people. They will disturb you in thousands of ways. The popular method that Demon use is possessions, voice in your head, enticement, appearance.
1) Possessions: They can only posses if the person is weak. If they person is scare of the unseen world, demon will know. This is because they can see in your mind what are you thinking. Normally they possess because they like weak people and like to stay in your body.
2) Voice in your head: Have you encounter people that say they can voice in their head? In normally this voice ask them to do things. Yes, it’s a demon right. They constantly will speak to you if you are a weakling. They will instruct you to do bad things. Just like a serial killer or mentally ill killer. Now, do some studies in psycho killers. Most of them will say ‘ I hear voices in my head that tells me to do this thing’.
3) Enticement: similar to the way they are talking in your head, but you won’t hear the voice. You only feel you need to do something bad. This is the most effective method to disturb human. You won’t feel a demon presence but you will feel that you need to something bad. You feel like this is you meant to be. You feel like this your nature to be bad. This is what we call the enticement method. Very powerful and dangerous method as you won’t aware.
4) Appearance: Yes, this is also the most popular method by demons. They will appear in front of you in various shapes and sizes. Why they appear in front of you? 2 reasons. 1st is to show that they exist and 2nd to scare the shit out of you. That’s why many people claims to see strange events that can’t explain.
Homes: They like to stay in dark and filthy places such as woods, ruins, toilets, empty houses. Once they stays there, its hard to make them go away. So if house is haunted, voilla! They live in your house!.
Demon can summon by a ritual or by chanting a special mantera. You can even make them ur servants. But beware! They will serve for you for a period of time but when the time is up, they will ask a favour from you, and when that time comes, you’ll never own your life ever again! They can also be demolish by certain spells/mantera but only the knowledgeable person can do this. If you make them ur servants they will do things for you such as black magic voodoo, posses other human, make you strong and etc. The most popular service that human use demons for is for Magic. Yes, if you don’t believe this, just STOP reading! Magicians are using Jin or Demons to help them do magic. They have to sign a contract between human and demon in order to use the demons or jin s powers. If you say that magician doing their tricks by practice. I’d say ‘F.U! and go back do your research’. Human can do weird stuffs unless by a help of a demon or jin. If practice can make things disappear, hell! Everyone human in this world can do magic. That’s why every magician has their own secret place to practice their magic. They won’t ever show how they make the thing disappear or how they cut their own body. Think about it. Think very deeply. This topic that we talking about need complexity thinking. Think out of the box people say it.

Originality: They are made from light and they are the purest living creature ever. They only follows God’s command and will never do bad things.
Forms: They also have different shape and sizes but one thing is, they are the most beautiful creature that God has created. Some of them have wings and some of them don’t.
Races: Out of my knowledge so far. Still doing research on this.
Responsibility: To help human and the balance of this world. They have so many responsibility, some of them protect humans, some of them pray for the goodness of human, some of them guards the hell/heaven’s gate, some of them guard the balance of the universe (stars, mountains, clouds, sun, moon, planets,etc.). Example: Have you face a death situation before but you survive and you wonder how lucky you are? Well, you are being protected by an angel actually. This is happen when you have experience death but you survive and you called it I Cheated Death but actually you were protect by an angel. But you still die when the time for you to die.
Homes: Out of my knowledge so far. Still doing research on this.

They are too many angels to explain, later on I will post 7 most popular angels jobs. As for population, the scale is Human 1% : Demon 10% : Angel 90%. So you can imagine how many demon and angels out there compare to us.
Ok all, that’s a wrap up for today. As I said, I can’t explain more detail than this as even 10 pages wouldn’t be enough. Feel free to ask anything you are curious.


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