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Re: The Genius FC

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
I totally see what are you trying to say.
I would agree if the morals of this story weren't shaken already.

But even so, I wanted AL to be different material. I wanted him to be someone who in the start won't show any openings. Such a character would actually pose a threat. It would give us the "Wtf, how do you kill this guy?" reaction. That is what I wanted from AL and BH.
Not only that, but as you would try finding his weak spots you would stumble upon some of his connections with the story the way you never expected.
It could have been done. We all know what was going to happen after Jiraiya said he is going to the Rain Village.
I understand, but I suppose Madara is intended to be the villain that stirs such a reaction... someone Itachi idolizes, was there at the founding of Konoha, could control Kyuubi 'like a pet', gives orders to Pein, etc.

Originally Posted by Shrike
Indeed, but the only problem with that is that we weren't given anything about it back in Part I.
So, if I focused on Sasuke and Itachi (which I somewhat did), I cannot enjoy that anymore. The theme of an avenger and a murderer is dispelled with adding of one character. Makes them both empty.

I am more dissatisfied with Itachi's development, of course.
But the whole overhyping Sharingan in Part II made me weary of Uchihas. I wanted it to end with MS, but there seems to be a way to control Kyuubi with it...

I wanted something new. You can connect anything with Konoha. Not only Uchihas.
It's true that there are other ways Kishi could have connected the main villain to Konoha, other than through the Uchihas. But this is the focus, Konoha, Kyuubi, and Uchiha. =/ I think it is a bit too late for Kishi to expand into another aspect entirely... he's already having trouble giving his characters justice, it would be a terrible shame if he failed the story as well, with just having too much to cover... at least right now, there is still a chance for him to tie everything up decently or even surprisingly well.

But it was hinted at in Part I with the revelation of a secret concerning the Uchihas. We've known about that since the Invasion Arc. I mean, I always knew the Uchiha clan would have a major role in the story... and honestly I like that. xD Holds a lot of interest for me...

I can see where your coming from with Itachi's role of murderer becoming less vital/empty, but I don't think it detracts from Sasuke's role of avenger. It actually widens his role as one and prolongs it. And now, his role will take him to the very origins of the clan, Konoha, and perhaps Kyuubi.

Originally Posted by Shrike
For such a huge Itachi fan as I was, he is as good as dead.
A guy who has been shrouded in mystery for 381 chapters. I expected something major to his reason behind the massacre, and everything he has done. Not killing Orochimaru. Joining Akatsuki. Being Sasuke's goal.
He is now not the same character. He is not the one who he was until now.

It is true that Itachi/Sasuke battle is still personal, but we know nothing bad can happen to Sasuke. We know Sasuke has a new person to go after, Itachi is completely expandable.
That is why I hold no interest in this fight anymore.
Sasuke could still fail in defeating Itachi, because of his own mind-set and use of CS. But you are right, Sasuke's role is much more secure than Itachi's as of now. (of course, it always was... from my pov)

But yes, atm I sort of regret rating Itachi a 7 in the character threads. He got two points from me for expectation/mystery.. and now that he has started to reveal his stance/intentions, I find my interest/expectation rising for Madara and falling for Itachi... so yeah, I completely understand why this bothers you. =/

Originally Posted by Shrike
Awesome points.
I need not add anything, you said it better than I could ever have.

The only thing I still don't like is Pain. He could have called himself Pain for other reason. This way, he is ridiculous to most of us Akatsuki fans.

Kakuzu showed much less emotion. And being a bad guy is all about being cold. Thus, so far Kakuzu>Pain.
Why thank ya xD

lol. I never had much interest in Kakuzu, but his dynamic with Hidan was more interesting than Pein's with Konan (so far), so yeah. xD lol

Originally Posted by Shrike
I quited for some time. I just don't want to spend every day checking spoilers and stuff.
I will come back to the manga later. When I hope some things will repair.
Ah, well it is your choice, of course. =/
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