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Re: do u think spirits and ghost are real?

Originally Posted by MangaKitty View Post
theres a show involving a ghost research society, Paranormal State, and some of the episodes seem quite convincing. even if some arent completely true, they definately show potential for wat could possibly be real. they even use an advanced system of motion detectors, heat sensors, and lots of other equiptment. opinions on it?
I'm not a big fan of shows revolving around hauntings, ghosts or spirits. They're often faked to increase the station's ratings. When I was younger, I was dedicated to watching a ghost show. They would go to haunted houses and setup their hi-tech equipment (which back then was nothing more than scanners for electrical energy and fancy looking camcorders).

A year or two after the show was canceled, one of the individuals in the show did some television biography and one of the questions asked of him was about his ghost show to which he replied something along the lines of, "It was great, we sat around and used plastic and wax paper to look like wisps of ghosts."

Although a lot of shows look really convincing, I'm always curious about what goes on behind the scenes in the editing booth.
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