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Re: Battle Royale: NarutoLounge Edition.

Some dead, some gone. Yet the memory still remains.

Deciding to continue the battle, Artan/6_n_6 for those powerless retards who could not understand. He watched, patiently with a hint of worry as his wounded prey stumbled into his domain. A drop of sweat trickled down his face as the English bastard dropped his bag of bricks.

"Usually, mate. I wouldn't attack cripples...But for you I'll make an exception." Stepping out from the trees that shaded the surrounding area, Artan removed his jacket and ran up behind his prey, Kluang.

"Choke on it!" Flinging the dark camo coloured jacket over his oppenent's head and tying the sleeves back in order to create a mask of suffocation, Artan took great glee in guiding him like a frenzied horse over the greenery.

"Watch yer step mate, fuck knows what you bang into in these parts." thrusting forward, the English *and former power* smacked Kluang's head full force onto a dead tree. It hurt, aye. Not enough to kill.

"It's like shoving an old woman down the stairs..." To be honest, he knew himself that Al Murray and various other English pub comedians would be at home having a beer and making a new sketch about this. Ironic how he laughed at jokes about other people's deaths whilst his idols were writing his own.

"And it's chaos, you notice that Kluang, how it's always 'Chaos'? When the worst is being described. And kids with hoodies, makes me want to do the central locking movement...Like this." Slamming his elbow up and down, repeatedly off Kluang's head, red liquid began to seep through the jacket.

"You're most likely unconscious now, thanks for playing though" ....





"Fucking sure, James. Let's make like a tree and piss off."

It's too damn short for me to get a grip, pull the mother fucker out before it sticks.
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