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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Bleach 308- Satan from Orbit

Continues from last week where Kenpachi was cut. He fell on his knees and Nnoitora smiled wickedly saying that seemed like Kenpachi couldn’t accept that there was a person who won’t die by a stab on the head. And then Nnoitora took off his eye patch and showed a hole on his the left side of his face. There were broken mask around that hole. Then Nnoitora said this was the end of Kenpachi.

But he got a surprise when Kenpachi smiled. So he shouted at him and kicked him. Kenpachi held Nnoitira’s ankle. He said he was just too happy which surprised Nnoitora.

“Yeah. You won’t die, so there was no fun in killing. But now I know that you can die, this is enough for me to enjoy killing you!!!” This angered Nnoitora so he shouted “I told you, you cannot cut me!!!” And they jumped back to fight.

This time was different, Kenpachi seem like a different person. He managed to block Nnoitora’s scythe. Then he lost control and had to use his left arm to defend himself. But he was shocked because this time it drew blood from him.

Nnoitora told him it was just a fluke but Kenpachi told him to hurry up, the next round has begun. Nnoitora jumped and this time, his scythe was broken when it attack Kenpachi’s sword. Kenpachi continued the attack but Nnoitora managed to dodge. However, he cut Nnoitora’s face as well as the tip of the scythe.

Kenpachi said he’s starting to get use to Nnoitora’s strength . “The skill was kinda dull, so I forget about the level of my strength. Thanks to you for this. And take this as a thank you!!!” By the end of his word, he aimed at Nnoitora’s face but he escaped, still he got injured at his shoulder. Now he has to use cero to attack Kenpachi. But Kenpachi only used his bare hand to block it.

Now Nnoitora was freaking out and was cornered. Kenpachi slowly walked towards him so Nnoitora freak out and ran to attack Kenpachi first.

All Kenpachi needed to do was to move his face and because of an attack his eye patch came off. He smile manically and cut Nnoitora right in middle of his head.

Note: There was nothing about the poll. And Nnoitora's hollow hole is on his face.

End of Summary
Hell yah.. Kenpachi is so damn awesome..
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