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Dragon Guardian FC and RPG.

In this club, you are a dragon, and you have to be the guardian of someone. be it a family or a single person. the rules are:

No copycats-you can't be the guardian to anyone who already has a guardian. for example, you can't be the Hyuga guardian because I am their guardian.
No Flames-I will report you if you flame anyone under my watch.
Don't overpower yourself-You can share abilities with the person/family you are guarding, but that's it. aside from flying and breathing fire, you can't have more than your dragon powers and the family/persons powers.
No going off topic- we talk about the people we are guarding only, and we will occasionally have a roleplay to liven things.

You can be any kind of dragon you want, just describe yourself. I, for example, am a lavender dragon with the hyuga eyes except I have white slits and the rest of my eyes are a royal purple.

Join and we will have a good time, I promise!
This FC:
Owner: Catilena1890(hyuga clan Guardian*Naruto*)
King: Sasuke
Co-owners-sasuke_power(Guardian of Jin*Samurai Champloo*), naruto100%(Guardian of Izzy *Digimon*)
Members: gaaraofthesand.1234 (Guardian of Near*Death Note*), tenkaichymaster(Guardian of Edward Elric*FMA*), Zatch Bell_Lover(Guardian of Ayame Souma*fruits basket*), Yamato-sama(Zetsu) (Guardian of Zetsu Hisame*naruto*), sakurablossem123(Guardian of Sakura Haruno*Naruto*),BabyAngle2234(Guardian of Gaara*Naruto*),I'MNOTCRAZY(undecided), Harrada(Guardian of Madara Uchiha*Naruto*), Deathtoall2239(details on protectant fuzzy), Xavier(Spaz)(Guardian of Ichigo Kurasaki*Bleach*),asq599(Guardian of Kisame Hoshigaki*Naruto*)

Sister FC at AnimeDreamz:
Owner: Catilena1890(hyuga clan Guardian*Naruto*)
King: Sasuke
Co-owners: none. *2 needed*
Members: Kero(Guardian of Edward Elric*FMA*),
Sasuke(Guardian of Sasuke Uchiha), Zetsu(Yamato-sama)((Guardian of Zetsu Hisame*Naruto*), Kina(guardian of Jimmy Urine *real person, reason for this unknown *), ~Kio~(Guardian of Jin*Samurai Champloo*), Naruto100%(Guardian of Izzy*Didgimon*), Spaz(Xavier)(Guardian of Ichigo Kurasaki*Bleach*)

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