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Re: VS thread

Yamato vs Kisame
Based on chakra capacity I'd say Kisame just because he should be able to outlast Yamato. Though Yamato's wood element would prove very useful in this fight as it could keep Yamato above water & also allow Yamato to attack in multiple directions. But we don't know the full extent of Yamato's abilities yet so I'm going for Kisame.

Neji vs Tobi
Without posting any spoilers Tobi wins hands down. Without much effort unfortunately.

kisame vs. sasuke (manga)
Sasuke has a large supply of chakra when compared to most other naruto characters. Though Kisame's should be bigger. With the amount of tricks Sasuke has up his sleeve(no pun intended :P) as well as the aid of his Sharingan I can see Sasuke winning against Kisame. Though this won't be an easy win.

team snake vs team asuma
This translates into Sasuke, Suigetsu, Juugo, Kiran vs. Asuma, Shika, Chouji, Ino

Sasuke would handle Shika; both are really smart so I matched them first. Sasuke has to many tricks for Shika in my opinion.

Suigetsu would handle Asuma; even if Asuma is able to beat Suigetsu it wouldn't end quickly. Suigetsu can hold off Asuma long enough for his team mates to be done with there other fights to help out.

Juugo vs. Chouji; Juugo should be able to overpower Chouji relatively quickly. Even if Chouji happens to take pills. Though Juugo is one crazy mofo in battle so he wouldn't allow Chouji the time needed to take more then one. This would be over quickly with Juugo winning.

Kiran vs. Ino; unn yeah not much to say about this based on what we know Ino would possess Kiran.

So now we have Sasuke, Suigetsu(injured), Juugo, Kiran (possessed) vs Asuma(injured), Shika(down), Chouji(down), Ino(in Kirans body)

Sasuke would help Suigetsu finish off Asuma while Juugo kills Kiran(which would also kill Ino).

Team snake wins.

sakura vs ino
They had a draw last time. Sakura has been trained by Tsunade leaving Ino in the dust as far as abilities go. Sakura wins in 1-2 punches.

orochimaru vs jiraya
Based on anime Orochimaru wins. Based on Manga Jiraiya wins. I won't go into further detail then that.

Monster brawl brought to you by Claymore.

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