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hey, its my oppinions, and im entitled to have them. i asked for your oppinion, and you gave them to me. idk what you say about my beliefs. they are mine and i can think any way i please. i was greatly influenced by my grandmother and she is very racist. it rubbed off on me. i am christian, i gave my heart to christ. my views on women are how i interpret the bible, not yours, so dont give me so much shit over it.
Honestly, it wouldn't be so bad if you weren't so arrogant when you express your opinions. Not once did you say, "It's my opinion." You said, "God made it so that women should be mens' doormats, LOLOL! And non-whites and non-Christians shouldn't have rights or run for government either, LOLOL!" If you truly gave your heart to Christ you would know that he preached a message of acceptance. Barring women, non-whites, and non-Christians from government positions and limiting their job opportunities isn't acceptance, it's ignorance and controlling. It's actually more like fascism. You wouldn't get so much shit if you were more careful with how you expressed your opinions. This is a public forum, yes, but that also means others are free to challenge you, regardless if you can back it up or not.
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