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Re: Dragon Guardian FC and RPG.

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
Rant time:

WATCHING Eragon?!?!?! Eragon was first a book, may I remind you. Christopher Paolini's series, the Inheritance Cycle, is MUCH better than the crappy film adaptation of the first book. To even refer to such filth in stead of the actual book is an insult to the series. The movie defiled the name of Eragon. It could NOT have been a worse adaptation. They didn't introduce Angela properly and messed her up, Solembum didn't even appear as more than a shadow, Arya was completly wrong and made to look like she has feelings for Eragon in the first book, which I assure you she only discovers near the end of the second book, Eldest, between In a Starry Glade and The Battle of the Burning Plains. They didn't even show an entire race, the dwarves, leaving out two key characters: Orik and Hrothgar. The death of Brom was done wrong as well, along with the battle at the end of the book, messing up how the Urgals look like, making them look like hairy, short men with war paint and beards while actually are bigger, have horns, and are more animalistic. Then there is Saphira, which some like but others, such as myself, feel is a mockery, seeing as her wings are seemingly covered in feathers as opposed to being the blue semi-translucent membrane they are supposed to be. The ONLY redeeming quality was the casting of Jeremy Irons as Brom, who fit the role perfectly. He could have been much better if he followed a good, true-to-the-book script, unlike the crap that was the script for the film. This movie was a complete failure and any respectable fan of the Inheritance Cycle should loath the series as much as I do.

/rant. pretty good this time. I'm getting insulting that film down to an art form.

uh...who can we "protect"??? I'm not sure I understand the concept...
I totally agree. The movie was a whole load of crap. they made saphira look more like an eagle than a dragon. and then there is the fire-breathing she did toward the end, she doesn't learn how to do that till later if I remember the books correctly. Nice rant. think you could give me lessons? I've lost my ability to rant well.

and to answer your question, you are a guardian to anyone you choose. be it a single person or a family. for example:

I am the Hyuga clan(Naruto) Guardian. I protect everyone in the clan.

tenkaichymaster is the guardian of Edward Elric from FMA.

read the rules of both kinds of guardians before deciding who you protect if you do join.

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