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Re: The Naruto Debating FC

Originally Posted by Mystik View Post
im guessing that debate must be a draw or either a example debate lol
An example debate? WTF! Eighty6ed doesnt participate in examples! Eighty6ed's words are legend! Legends are not for examples! Legends are for quoting in future threads for generations to come as they ponder what we really meant when we discussed things that they didnt realize people in out time were capable of thinking! Its like discovering that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independance using a GelWrite pen and recycled paper using a low-wattage neon lightbulb for illumination! THAT is what beign exposed to Eighty6ed's mind is like.

WOW! I think this whole self-realization "Find a better me" shit is starting to fuck with my head. Typically Im not prone to such claims of grandeur. Maybe I should go back to some more mindless violence and absolute devastation in DevilMayCry4.

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