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Re: The *NEW* Pokemon FC

yo! i got pbr, anytime anyday. (well not really)

Who is your favorite character from all the pokemon series?
ash is funny, may is hot, brock is just hilarious

Whats your favorite type of pokemon?
dragon, fire, electric

Whats your favorite starter pokemone from the games?
cyndaquil/torchic (pikachu too)

Who is your favorite pokemon?
garchomp, rayquaza, electivire, etc.

What is your favorite pokemon game?
hmmmmm tough one. all

What is your favorite pokemon series?
advanced generation (excluding battle frontier)

so can i join? also, do you miss the old voices? if so, pm me and i'll tell you stuff on how we can get them back!

Japan FC co-owner

Kekkei Genkai FC
Halo FC

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