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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Predictions chapter 311
noi: hahahahaha
zaraki: ...
noi: how do you like that shinigami
zaraki: *grins*
noi: ...
zaraki: I think... I finally know... how to handle all those arms of yours
noi: WHAT?!
zaraki: By containing these swords in my body... you won't be able to block any of my attacks, and that would make this fight much more entertaining again. *slices off all of noi's arms at the elbow with a single stroke*
zaraki: You can grow all the arms you want. Without your swords I'll just keep slicing right through you.
noi: You fu--
zaraki: *slices across noi's chest sending him flying back*
yachiru: Ken-chan!
zaraki: So this is the strength of the number five espada, huh? Pathetic
noi: I'LL KILL YOU SHINIGAMI!!! *begins to regenerate limbs*
*zaraki appears in front of him*
zaraki: I think I've squezzed the last bit of enjoyment out of this fight. It was a nice warm up for the winter wars but this particular battle is over
ichigo: zaraki is amazing
noi: NOOOO!
*zaraki prepares to swing down his sword on noi's head but his attack is blocked at the last second by ulquiorra *
ulquiorra: You shouldn't be here shinigami *bats zaraki away like a misquitoe*
yachiru: KEN-CHAN!!
ulquirro: See all the problems you've caused grimjaw by your disobeidence. Two espada are dead all because of your actions. I've come to take the girl back to Master Aizen, and take you back... for punishment.
grimjaw: *grits teeth*
noi: Wait first let me kill that bastard.
ulquiorra: Do as you wish
ichigo: No! Orihime run!
inoue: huh?!
ulquiorra: You won't escape *appears in front of her*
*ichigo tries to break through shield*
ichigo: Damn! Orihime get out of there
*noi approaches zaraki's prone body as yachiru stands over it*
noi: Damn, I don't have a sword to finish off this shinigami
yachiru: You stay away from Ken-chan
noi: Brat! Get out of my face!
*yachiru prepares to unsheath her sword, suddenly she's aware of a great shadow looming over her*
yachiru: Ken-chan!
zaraki: *grins* Did you really think that kind of attack could have damaged me, ha. Suddenly this fight got a whole lot more interesting.
Not confirmed, but sure sounds interestin'... I thought Grimmjow was dead, guess not.. Nnoitra probably didnt kill then..

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