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An interesting character tier list.

I've pasted this from GameFAQS, mainly because I thought it was very interesting. It's from a member called 'The Tipster'. He made a top 10 tier list of Naruto characters.

[quote=The Tipster]Before I can actually post the list, theres a few things that need to be answered now before people come in and try discrediting my list. The first thing that needs to be done is settling the meaning of a few words. And they are "powerful," "strong," and "best."

Each are taking from

Powerful: having or exerting great power or force.

This really can't be argued shonen-ly, but we'll base it on the power of the jutsus. The jutsu has to be extremely powerful. Either S-Rank or higher or possess abilities to kill a person in a single shot. A good one to look at as powerful would be C4. We also have to go by what the manga tells us.

Strong: powerful in influence, authority, resources, or means of prevailing or succeeding

I decided this was the best definition for the reasons of my argument. When, in the manga, someone refers to someone as "strong" they normally aren't referring to their physical strength unless said physical strength is being exerted at that time. Kisame and Tsunade are perfect examples of this.

Best: of the highest quality, excellence, or standing

Highest quality doesn't necessarily mean "top" quality. Someone can be in the highest tier and not be the best, and this is the most compelling argument I have to offer right now. There are lots of examples in the text that say that someone is the best and that will be a factor of placing them in their spot. People who have been rumored to being the "best" automatically rank in the top 10 list for reasons that will be provided under that character.

Tier Components

The people who have been rumored to being the best have not shown their full potential in the manga, yet. This is excluding maybe two or three people, you will see which people when I make the chart. I'm not basing this chart on a rock/paper/scissor approach, either. Instead, I'm basing it on true power and who is rumored to being the best. There will be loads of arguments for each person and if you want to argue the list, feel free to do so. People who argue something that has already been addressed in this portion of the topic will not be regarded.

Now... on to the top tier... people who have shown the power to be on this level and people who can actually be regarded as the "best" shinobi.

10. Deidara

Most people will probably laugh at this one, but hear me out, he's at the bottom for a reason. And once you see everyone else on the list, you'll see why this makes sense. I can't use any bullcrap arguments like "he lost to Sasuke due to DEM" or anything like that. Instead, I'm going to base it on what was displayed in that fight alone. Why can Deidara be on the same tier as some of the people listed later in this tier list?

Like I said, power is one of the major components in this list. Kakuzu sat in this spot for a long time. Especially after reading a lot of the speed blitz arguments that lots of people on this board argue; however, Deidara has something that no other shinobi has shown to possess. That is the ability to fly. A lot of the ninjas on this list has shown no way to combat this and would lost to just C1/2 alone. If you want to discredit the C1 power, you don't have to look much further to see just how powerful C3 is... it can easily destroy a major village... physically. C4 can destroy that same village biologically. No normal ninja would be able to escape something like this.

Deidara has also shown the ability to make amazing clay clones in conjunction with kawarimi no jutsu. Why is this badass? Because it helps him escape any hazardous attack from a fast person and then put himself in an amazing situation. Those clones can also be used in conjunction with C4. Killing a person on contact pretty much. You guys can underestimate this guy if you wish, but he really has no flaw. Even if his opponent is lightning affinity, there is no true way the opponent would be able to defeat C4 unless they have a nagashi type defense or if they can deduce extremely quickly that Deidara uses earth affinity attacks.

9. Itachi

Large chakra pool, nice resume, and some very powerful jutsus. Itachi actually possesses all three components to fall in this list. I actually had the notion to put Deidara above him, but Itachi's mangekyou makes him a beast. There really is no one alive other than Sasuke and Tobi to combat the effects of Tsukuyomi. Anyone else who looks into his eye would be disabled and killed without warning.

He has also shown to be very formidable in close combat... especially with that sharingan handy, and not only that, he has been shown to be one of, if not the best, genjutsu user in history. By looking at his finger, a person with no genjutsu training would be screwed.

His shadow clone abilities have probably been shown to be the best... beating a sharingan user with shadow clone abilities... and shadow clone explosion would be nearly impossible. I just don't rank him too high because there are a few others that I think that could beat him. Deidara even stands a show with his ability to see straight through genjutsu... if Deidara could find a way anyone can. I also can't place Itachi on the level of the kages because I'm pretty sure they are all well versed in all three levels of jutsu. Unless he can show some great things really soon, I don't see him going any higher than 8-10 ranking.

8. Jiraiya

I hope I don't offend anyone here... especially with who is number 7 and all... but seriously, this guy is really amazing. The only reason he isn't ranked higher is because of WHO IS ranked higher.

Jiraiya has some amazing stuff. Namely, hermit mode, toad summoning, and massive chakra pool. I don't think I need to elaborate too much on him since his name is pretty self-explanatory and I know people will not argue this point. When it comes down to pure skill, I'm sure Jiraiya is unquestionably in the top 5, but he just doesn't have a lot of power... raw power, anyway. He has the hermit mode, but it takes time. His powerful genjutsu spell takes time and it is only usable in the the hermit mode. I think that hermit mode is powerful, but if it wasn't for that, I would definitely put Itachi above him.

7. Orochimaru

Genius vs. Hard Work. That's what it came down too... really...

He possessed a talent that could only be seen once every few decades. Compared to Minato, that's pretty great. Also, Sarutobi made the comment that it was Orochimaru that he wanted to follow after him as Hokage. You can take it how you want, but Orochimaru is one broken SOB. He is pretty much immortal... he was cut in half and just reformed. If that isn't enough, he is probably twice as good at kawarimi as Deidara and he has mastered HUNDREDS of jutsu. I could go on and on about reasons as to how Orochimaru is superior to the guys below him in ranking, but I'm not. It's self explanatory. He would easily kill any of the others before they got time to use any of their best abilities... Even Deidara because he can extend his limbs.

Oh... and we have the snake summonings...
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