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Re: An interesting character tier list.

6. Hanzou

This one is really self explanatory. We really don't know what he is capable of, but what we do know is that, in his prime, he was able to defeat Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade by himself and that he has salamander summoning. I think being able to defeat the sannin in battle and forcing that name upon them makes him a pretty bad badass.

5. Minato

Most people would probably rank him a lot higher than where I'm putting him, but this is perfect for him. He shouldn't be any lower nor should he be any higher. He has never been regarded as the strongest/most powerful shinobi at any time. He has only been labeled as the best shinobi ever produced by Konoha...

Let me remind you that best doesn't mean that you are superior to everyone, because there have been numerous people labeled as the "best shinobi."

We have Minato being labeled the best:

And Shodai/Nidaime being labeled the best:

There has never been any instance in the manga that has labeled Minato the most powerful or strongest. So, because of that, I have only one place I can place him... and that is "best" and due to that he is stuck at five. Also, if you look at what he is known for... beating 40 or so enemies at one time with the help of shuriken... that is unimpressive to Sasuke beating hundreds of enemies in CS2 in seconds... with just his feet...

Sure he sealed the kyuubi, but he lost his life... there has been one person in the past that has beat the kyuubi and lived... there is also another that has the ability to summon the kyuubi...

4. Sarutobi

God of Shinobi, Professor, and labeled the strongest of all... Sarutobi is a beast in his own right. Even as an old man he was able to defeat 2 Hokage and put a beating on Orochimaru. He has mastered all of the jutsu in Konoha... not necessarily the jutsu you see in clans, but definitely the jutsu that have been created in Konoha or find their home in konoha.

I'm pretty sure that just with that first paragraph he has enough credentials to be placed here with no one arguing against him. There are just too many links placing him above Minato at least... and even possibly Shodai, but Shodai is just... haha... anyway, yeah... number 4... enma, professor, god of shinobi, best shinobi, strongest shinobi... whatever, there are lots of em...

3. Pein

First of all:

He is labeled the strongest in Akatsuki... what more do you need? Have you not seen what those guys do? Kisame beat the 4 tailed kyuubi by himself... Sasori destroyed a country by himself... this guy walked in told them about his group and recruited them... how could he have done it if he is so weak? I don't think he could've.

He has never lost a fight before. I can't say the same for anyone else on this list... maybe Itachi, but that would be it. And then... he defeated the guy who beat Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade by himself. This guy should be in a league of his own. With 6 bodies at his disposal with different abilities... the ability to revive his bodies... and the rin'negan at his disposal... how do you expect this guy to lose? Well... he said he almost lost to Jiraiya, I never saw any sign of losing there, but I have to give it to him, he said it... and he is taking orders from a legend... someone higher up on the list than he is...

2. Madara (Prime)

Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan, and Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

He was even at one time labeled the strongest in the world. That's better than any other title out there on this list right now. He also has the ability to summon the kyuubi... what more do you need? Oh, yeah, I already said the sharingan. We've seen what the mangekyou can do. This guy was able to overcome entire clans! And he could summon the strongest biju of all! Broken, much? He is still living today even though he lived over 80 years ago. He is still bossing the guy over Akatsuki... something about this guy reeks of powerful and all we really have is what the text tells us... he is/was a beast.

1. Shodai

Duh. I've been saying this guy was the most powerful of the kages for over a year now. With BotD at his disposal, he makes the sharingan useless... hell, he makes anyone with eyes useless. And with his chakra, he can create life... his chakra pool had to have been massive. He had the power of mokuton at his disposal and he could control biju... He defeated Madara single-handedly. The same Madara who was said to be the strongest person in the world. Shodai was also known to be the best shinobi of all time.

One of the most powerful genjutsu shown in the show not through the use of a doujutsu and some of the most powerful chakra... its clear that this guy is the most powerful shinobi to walk the face of the earth...[/quote]

So, what do you guys think about the list? I personally disagree with a lot of it. Especially the placement of certain characters. Like how the hell Orochimaru is above Itachi, and how Sarutobi is above Jiraiya. I mean, I may be wrong here, but, didn't Jiraiya surppass Sarutobi? o_O I'll post more soon. >.>

Mods, please don't give me an infraction for this double post. I had no choice, since there's a post count limit for each post.

Edit: Nami, I'm expecting to hear some stuff from you on Minato and Jiraiya's placements. XD

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