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Re: Anime and Manga reviews.

Why hasn't Gantz been mentioned here?

Gantz, for those of you who do not know what it is, is a manga R rated to the core. Please, do not read the manga if you are under the age of 15. The author writes amazingly, he keeps things insane enough to be considered a sci-fi thriller, but then the character's actions always hit so close to the reader that the revulsion you feel on screen is reflected on yourself. Even though the story is fantastical, you never stop questioning "what would I do in a situation like that" and you will always surprise yourself with the answer. It really makes you face your worst.

There is an incredible amount of violence, rape, nudity, perversion, blood, and amorality in the atmosphere. Take this to heart, it WILL revulse you. Well, hopefully anyway. Its not really about the maturity level, its about how much punishment you can take from the vapid world Gantz puts you in. But I never felt that the mangaka was doing stupid scenes to make ecchi postures, its never innocent. There is an incredible sense of danger here, and you will rarely find it in any other manga.

So anyway, not a manga that will interest the mainstream, but fascinating.

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