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Re: Aliens! believe them or not

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
Sure, it's not a PhD scientist saying this, it's still using highly intelligent logic. If you don't bother to click it the author is basically saying that if any civilization is able to achieve the technological level of interstellar flight they're also capable of WMDs, and if they are a war-like civilization they're more than likely going to destroy themselves before they make their way to other planets with life. Therefore, the remaining peaceful alien races would make it into space (unless the alien race is a hive-mind of sorts, then we're screwed, but hive-minded species aren't exactly the brightest, so they wouldn't be able to develop interstellar flight anyways) and make contact with others.
Indeed the only race of space faring creatures that would attack other creatures because of their war-like civilization (or just for the heck of it. we've been know to commit species wide genocide before) would be humans. What do you think of that.

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