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Re: The Genius FC

Sasuke: is that even a QUESTION? yeah, he is... unless he dies...
Itachi: Already a legend since he's Atasuki... and that other obvious reason.
Kimimaro: He's dead...
Orochimaru: Already a legend... obvious reason.
Kakashi: Already a legend. Why anyone would think he's not is beyond me.
Neji: You know, I kinda doubt it. He's a great byakugan user and all, but so is Hiashi and Hiashi isn't exactly a legend, is he? And he's had TIME to become a legend and he's not. The CLAN is legendary, but that doesn't count.
Tsunade: Already a legend...
Shikamaru - Again, I kinda doubt it. He just doesn't really have what a legend has. It's kinda hard to explain... he doesn't really have the will necessary to be a legend.
Kabuto - If the whole absorbing Orochimaru thing goes well, potentially. But the thing is that if it doesn't, then either he's dead or Orochimaru has completely taken over, in which case it will go back to Orochimaru's legendary status and not Kabuto's. He's just a footnote.
Sasori: He's a legend among puppet masters and an Atasuki member, but beyond that, not really.
Sarutobi - being a Hokage makes him automatically a legend.
Haku - no. just no.
Namikaze Minato - 4th Hokage, Yellow Flash, person who sealed the Kyuubi... no part of him is not legendary.

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