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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by HinataFanX View Post
Continueing from my crack pairing psot last page, by my basis, the most popular crack pairings for the most part are KibaHina, InoShika, and LeeSaku. The only difference I see in LeeSaku is that it has some development, but come on, noone can really think it would happen before SasuSaku or even *shudder* NaruSaku.

Oh, and I'm not against NaruSaku as much as I make out to be, I just appose it strongly for the sake of NaruHina, which I find to be the better, cuter, and more pairing related-devoloped pairing.
Practically the only time I EVER see LeeSaku is when the person likes NaruHina but hates Sasuke. So therefore, LeeSaku is the next best Sakura pairing. I really see no merit in it. I really do dislike most crack pairings. I don't really know why. I guess because they just seem illogical and out of character...

@ralatone: bore-fest? seriously? no way would it be a bore-fest. meh, I guess you just don't see it like we do. but it would be anything but a bore-fest.

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