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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Um that whole notion of opposites attract is pretty much bull. Sure there are some instances that people fall in love with some one that is their complete opposite but in reality most people look for a person who has similar tastes as you do in a relationship. Now as far as me saying NaruHina would be a bore feast would be do to the fact that every instance she would be fainting and he would be clueless.

Naruto: Hey Hinata! Wanna go out to eat ?

Hinata: uhhhhh ~faints~

Naruto: ~drags her to get something to eat~

Hinata: ~Wakes up~ uhhh, what happend ?

Naruto: You fainted when I asked you if you wanted to go out and eat...

Hinata: Oh Naruto!!! ~faints~

Naruto: Um...okay...~leaves~
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