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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Yeah, Kishimoto implemented Hinata fainting after the anime had. And Hinata does NOT have that much trouble speaking to Naruto, she's initiated conversation with him at least four times. =/ It would not be that boring to see them together, and I dunno, I loved it when Hinata told Naruto, "When I see you, there is an impact on my heart."

That's just so freakin' sweet. xD

Originally Posted by musoukaShinobi View Post
Hey nice fan art

KibaHina? They'd be cute, but not as cute as NaruHina
Thankies, I love sharing fanart that I come across.

Yeah, I like KibaHina but not as much as NaruHina. I just find them to be very cute together and the fanart is lovely. xD

I think Naruto is more suited for Hinata, because in the Chuunin exams, Kiba told Hinata to back down from fighting Neji. He didnt believe in her (but it also expressed his concern, which I did find sweet, and Hinata also gave him some medicine as well as to Naruto). But still, her standing up to Neji was crucial for her self-image and Naruto understood that instincitively. Hinata had to prove that she wouldn't step down or fold in..

So really, the second best choice for Hinata imho, is Lee. xD His spirit is as great, if not greater, than Naruto's. And I think they'd be hella cute too. lol

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
Well as far as InoShika goes people who like this pairing were usually the people who were reading/watching before the Introduction of Temari. So either they haven't let go, or they still feel that there is a chance.

LeeSaku though to me is even less likely to happen than InoShika, and thats coming from a person who doesn't think InoShika will happen at all. I say this because Sakura already has alot more development with Sasuke and Naruto that the chances of LeeSaku ever happening are pratically invisible in my eye.

Now with KibaHina, I think there is an alright chance it could happen. The reason being is that if Hinata cant get Naruto for whatever reason it may be, it seems that Kiba has the best chance of ending up with her after that.(Though some people may argue Neji would, but I wont get into that.) The reason I think this is because of the fact that yes they are teammembers so they will care about eachother more than people outside of their group. Also in the whole series Kiba is probably the only character that has a personality similar to Naruto's. So if she did decide to go out with him at least she would have some of those personality traits that she likes so much. Also, I dont think Hinata wouldn't give Kiba a chance if he asks her if they would want to go out, it's just not in her character. There are other reasons why it could work out, but I think I hit some of the main ones.
I don't think LeeSaku has that little of a chance, honestly... And I don't consider it crack at all. Lee actually likes/liked Sakura romantically... and outwardly admitted it... that's more than KibaHina, NejiTen, and LeeTen have... AND even ShikaTem, as neither have openly admitted any romantic feelings for each other.
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