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Sasuke Snake-Hawk Theory

Well as the title says, this is a theory I found on about how things might turn out concerning Sasuke and the comparisons made to him about becoming a Hawk or remaining a Snake and where Kishi might have based this idea on. I would like to clarify that I did NOT create this theory. I found it while browsing another forum and decided to share it with you guys.

Ok here it goes:

Let's start where Tobi/Madara talked about Sasuke remain a snake or become a hawk:

About snake, crow and fox

sasuke = snake
itachi = crow
madara = fox

if he remain a snake, he will be fooled by the crow, that had the help of the fox;

About hawk and crow

sasuke = hawk
itachi = crow
mouse = sharingan


Meanwhile, skinny Crow searched for food. he was very hungry but he was too proud to ask hawk for help. After many days of no food, skeleton Crow thought to himself: "That Hawk, he's so fat he can barely fly! I will steal a meal from him." Crow had heard how Falcon tricked Hawk was out of his dinner. "If it worked for him then it will work for me."(exacly what itachi thinks right now, he just is trying to make the SAME thing that madara did with his little brother, steal his eye for the light, itachi is trying to copy madara to get the ems/light, the same way the crow tried to copy the falcon to get the mouse/food)

Crow hid in Hawk's favorite tree where the leaves were thick. Soon, dinner time arrived and so did Hawk. If Crow had lips, he would have licked them as he saw the fat mouse in Hawk's talons. Without a sound, Crow dropped from his hiding place. Just like Falcon. Crow crowed his best Falcon impersonation: "SCRAAWW!" only inches from Hawk's head.

To Crow's surprise, Hawk did not drop his meal in fright. Hawk opened his wings and spun. Startled Crow crashed into Hawk and the mouse-meal popped out of Hawk's beak. Crow and Hawk raced towards the ground below where the stunned prey had fallen. Hawk got there first and grabbed the mouse with his talons. Crow "CAAAWWW"ed in exasperation and chased after Hawk.

the crow itachi tries to copy the falcon madara to steal the hawk sasuke's sharingan and get the light, even it itachi did exacly like the crow of the story, he copied


madara = falcon(if that is true i see problems for sasuke...)
itachi = crow
sasuke = hawk
sharingan = mouse

if he become a hawk, the crow will try to steal his mouse, and fight with him for that, but the hawk will end up with the mouse for him;

Its not the first time that Kishimoto would use the animals to represent the things, Sasuke x Orochimaru was the same thing:

Why sasuke will be a hawk in the end:

kishimoto planned the sasuke - snake - hawk thing a long time ago, the same way he planned about madara - fox - (probably a falcon in a little), he was always a hawk since the start, the problem is that the hawk still has the snake in his talons.(when kishimoto created madara, and the kyuubi attack, he probably thought about how would be his relaction with the plot, so he thought about sasuke/naruto);

-sasuke in a bird?-

-here is even funny, the tittle of the chapter 3 is uchiha sasuke, and the picture shows naruto with a bird at his side, using a bandage of konoha ¬¬'-

-in the 4th chapter he showed the team 7 - sannin thing, and how sasuke would go to the "snake" side-

What does become a hawk mean to sasuke:

He will win Itachi and get back/still have what Itachi took/tried to take from him, just like what happens when one hawk fight against a crow and get his mouse.

In the end, the hawk will win the crow and have his mouse, the same way the hawk got the snake in his talons

How will sasuke become the hawk that he always was?

Sasuke will have problems with Itachi until he figure out that he needs to become the hawk that he always was, back in konoha, he needs to figure out that he needs to return to konoha and his friends, that is what i believe, and he will think that in a little, probably he will figure out that he went to the snake side for "nothing", the gap between him and itachi will remain, and he will just stand up and fight when he remember and regret all what he did to his friends and konoha, when he figure out that cut his bonds never helped him and he will win itachi after that, when he fight because all the bad things that he did because of this revenge, not only because of this revenge.

BeST P0ST EveR <---------

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