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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Here's the Bleach spoiler for this week.

Bleach 313: To Close Your World

The scene begins from Tesla’s point of view (to be clear, he is not dead). His mind drifted to the time when he first became Nnoitra’s fraccion. That time there was an arrancar who came to challenge Nnoitra. Nnoitra beat him and that arrancar was begging for his life. But Nnoitra killed him anyways.

Nnoitra saw Tesla’s face so he asked what Tesla wanted to say. Nnoitra said it was normal to kill a loser, “Because we all are arrancars? Of course, because we all are arrancars, that’s why we have to kill.”

“Do you get it? If you want to follow me, remember to never help a friend out of pity.”

A scene changed to Nnoitra/Neliel fight. First Nel refused to fight because it was pointless.

“There is a point, fighting is my goal.” Nnoitra tells Nel.

“I don’t understand. Why do you want to fight that bad?”

“Because I want to die.” Nnoitra’s answer stunted Nel a lot, “Because I want to die while fighting. That’s why I need to get stronger. The stronger I am, the fights will follow. And then I can live for fighting.”

“You are addicted to fights.” Nel told Nnoitra and he admitted it.

Still in the flashback, (but this time Nnoitra already has his weird head thing). “No one can help us from the beginning.” Nniotra was talking to someone, “That will not change whether Aizen is here or not. But if there is one thing I want to thank him is for him to give me powers. Because it allows me to fight in higher levels.”

Nnoitra picked up sands and still talking, “I will get strong more than anyone. To fight the best fighter. I cannot let anyone who is stronger to live. I’ll destroy them., no matter which methods…”

Nnoitra’s eyes soften a bit and watched the sand fall from his hand, “Until I get kill…Until my last breath…that is how I want to die.”

That is Tesla’s last thought. Before his eyes becomes lifeless. He has followed his master who is already dead.

Kenpachi stands still for a moment as if to pay respect to Nnoitra. Then he says, “I have a great fun, Nnoitra.”

Then he comes up to Ichigo and "kicks" Orihime’s barriers until it broken into pieces while everyone there was stunted. Kenpachi wasted no time and throws Ichigo out of there. Ichigo is pissed and is about to yell at him when Kenpachi ordered him to pick his sword up. Ichigo then realizes he’s where his sword is located.

Kenpachi then says, “Pick it up and hurry take the woman out. Your job is done. Leave the rest to us.” But Ichigo protests, “What did you say? I still…”

“Still what? You’re a shinigami representative. Your job is to protect the town, right? You just rescued a woman out, you should satisfy. I you understand how then hurry and leave.”

Seem like both Ichigo and Orihime understand Kenpachi even though his words are rough.

“Woman!!!!” He turns back and yells at Orihime, “heal me!!!!”

His yelling made Orihime jumped a bit and rush to his side. But before she could reach him Stark appears between her and Kenpachi.

While them all are still shock, Stark places a hand on Orihime’s shoulder and apologize to her that he doesn’t really want to do this.

The moment his words ended, both Ichigo and Kenpachi dash to Stark and already lift their swords. But they both disappeard and leave Ichigo and Kenpachi speechless there.

The first thing Orihime sees is Aizen along with Gin and Tousen. Aizen greets her but she remains quiet.

“Smile” Aizen says and brings his face closer to Orihime’s face. He’s caressing her face, “If sun is darken then everyone will feel sad, right?”

“Just smile, smile and wait here.” Aizen moves from Orihime and behind him is a vision of Karakura town.

“Until we destroy Karakura.”


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