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Re: True Genius!!!

Originally Posted by hanz86 View Post
for me naruto can be consider as a genius one..he just a little silly and dumb which make him doesn't look genius..
I agree that naruto can be considered a genius, just not in the typical sense like the other people on the list.

His creativity was also shown during the 2nd bell test & training with Kakashi when you see Naruto's better mastery over shadow clones.

I simply stated that Naruto does not fit the bill with the others on the list:
Sandaime (knowing all Konoha jutsus)
Jiraiya (hermit mode, extensive sealing knowledge etc.)
Orochimaru (extensive knowledge of Ninjutsu & Kinjutsu)
Tsunade (Medic ninja master)

But Naruto is still developing and with what seems to be a year of training with the toads, I'm sure the genius of Naruto will be evident soon
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