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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Have any of you seen the mini-drama episode that was released with the latest Shippuden dvd? I watched it last night (still need to dl it), and it had some real cute NaruHina, NaruSasu, a little NaruSaku, and a tad bit of SasuIno (well, Ino kept saying his name all fangirly like xD), and yes, even SasuOro. xDDD lmao. I'll look for a link in a bit and edit my post with it.

Here is the thread at NF. Everything you need is there.

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
honestly, I don't know what the hell is up with GaaSaku. WTF? Is it because their hair colors are both a shade of RED??? Besides that, I really don't understand how it was conceived. I mean it's not like there's a lack of good pairings for her, right? I just don't get it!
Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
I know. I was just commenting on the stupidity of GaaSaku, which actually has a substantial fanbase for a crack-pairing, NOT including NaruSasu, which doesn't count because they're all yaoi fangirls, which I don't count as people.

>.< I like yaoi and yuri! AND I like GaaSaku and NaruSasu! You just denounced my humanity... ...

And maybe I can explain a little about GaaSaku. I like it because it was Sakura's act of protecting Sasuke that triggered Gaara's memories and he recognized that what she did was out of love. Sakura didn't have the substantial impact that Naruto had on Gaara (NaruGaa!FTW xD), but she still managed to stir emotion in him. From this, one could branch off (in a fanfic or depicted through art), and show a subjective view on how their bond might unfold if given the opportunity. That's the beauty of fiction... xD

There's also some from Part II to branch off from, and that's because Sakura saved Kankuro's life. One could envision Gaara wanting to thank Sakura for that, and apologize for his actions in the past... a viola, you've got something that originates from canon to work with and mold to your liking. I don't find their personalities to be that uncompatible, especially with how Gaara is now and with Sakura's heightened maturity.

And it may just be me and HighSpeed, but they look lovely together. x3 I've got a few more from that artist uploaded.. I will share <3

I like Sakura, Hinata, and Naruto in a lot of pairings... those three, to me, work well with a lot of characters. I guess its their inner kindness... and Naruto's ability to just make yaoi pairings hot. xD

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
The only real crack pairings there are Garra Sakura and Sasuke and Hinata. Either way those drawings a pretty good ^_^

On a side note, as of this moment I do not have internet sooo I wont be on as much until I do get it back. It might be a week, it might be a month, who knows... But yeah, I just ask that you guys keep this FC alive while I'm gone, maybe get a few more members so it can be official but thats about it.

I'll try to get on when ever I can from school, or my friends house. I guess I'll catch you all laterz then.

I also like SasuHina. xD

And that's cool, check back when you can! I know I'll continue to share fanart and occasionally ramble on about pairings (like this post, for instance). And resist smacking I'MNOTCRAZY with a stick. >]
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