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Thanks for the philosophy trip but you're not right. Atheists believe that they are right... Arrogance? No just certainty. Same with all those who practice a religion... Certainty/Faith/Belief/confident assurance/experience etc. That's just how the world is. Yes some flaunt it and make a mockery of others' beliefs but that is a different matter. Its called agree to disagree. Just sayin'
How am I not right? You can be certain and confident and still fall under the definition of arrogant as well. It's not one or the other. If you believe there is one particular God (Your God) with complete certainty then that means you also believe that anyone who thinks otherwise must be incorrect. How is being certain that your belief is right when said belief implies that everyone else's beliefs that conflict with yours must be wrong, despite the fact that they're all equally probable, not arrogant? You don't have to actually come out and say "LOL lyke mai God is teh 1 true God" to be considered arrogant, especially if the belief system you're subscribing to says just that anyway.

Also, an atheist belief doesn't necessarily imply any certainty. Many atheists believe that since there is no evidence supporting the claims of any god's existence there is simply no reason to believe one exists. Just like you probably don't believe every baseless claim someone says to you. That's just being logical. Not all atheists believe there definitely isn't a god or anything.

Besides, what's wrong with being a little arrogant? I never once implied it was a bad thing, did I? So there really wasn't any need for the cocky mocking shit, slick. ; )
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