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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
>.< I like yaoi and yuri! AND I like GaaSaku and NaruSasu! You just denounced my humanity... ...

And maybe I can explain a little about GaaSaku. I like it because it was Sakura's act of protecting Sasuke that triggered Gaara's memories and he recognized that what she did was out of love. Sakura didn't have the substantial impact that Naruto had on Gaara (NaruGaa!FTW xD), but she still managed to stir emotion in him. From this, one could branch off (in a fanfic or depicted through art), and show a subjective view on how their bond might unfold if given the opportunity. That's the beauty of fiction... xD

There's also some from Part II to branch off from, and that's because Sakura saved Kankuro's life. One could envision Gaara wanting to thank Sakura for that, and apologize for his actions in the past... a viola, you've got something that originates from canon to work with and mold to your liking. I don't find their personalities to be that uncompatible, especially with how Gaara is now and with Sakura's heightened maturity.

And it may just be me and HighSpeed, but they look lovely together. x3 I've got a few more from that artist uploaded.. I will share <3

I like Sakura, Hinata, and Naruto in a lot of pairings... those three, to me, work well with a lot of characters. I guess its their inner kindness... and Naruto's ability to just make yaoi pairings hot. xD

I also like SasuHina. xD

And that's cool, check back when you can! I know I'll continue to share fanart and occasionally ramble on about pairings (like this post, for instance). And resist smacking I'MNOTCRAZY with a stick. >]
...another thing I don't get is how people can like one pairing and then also like an opposing pairing... MAKE UP YOUR MINDS DAMMIT!!! lol. I really don't see how anyone could like ANY pairing with Gaara. Gaara is such a lifeless character. He's one of the more boring of the actually developed characters, mainly because he has NO personality WHATSOEVER. WHY do people take the littlest things between characters and blow them up into huge deals? Gaara doesn't feel for Sakura at all. At the time, be bareley felt anything at ALL. NaruSasu... I don't respect crack. At all. They're both straight so don't pervert their characters. That goes for pretty much all yaoi in Naruto. I can respect it when it's NOT shonen, but otherwise, NO. I have no problem with yuri though. XD

Actually, they have similar backgrounds. Sasuke and Hinata both come from prestigious clans and are familar with the expectation others hold for them, family and strangers alike. Also, Hinata was basically shunned for being weaker than her little sister, while Sasuke spent the majority of his time in his brother's shadow. They both understand how it is to fail to rise to the expectation of others, especially their fathers. So while they have no interaction in canon, IN FANON, one could write a story where the two connect on that. Once again, the beauty of fiction... >.>;;

If you guys really want to live up to the name of this fanclub, then you need to start branching out of your comfort zones... and consider the different possibilities and discuss them.. or this will turn into another debate thread...
They don't have much of a similar background, besides coming from rich, powerful clans. Sasuke made his own expectations for himself. He LET himself be living in his brother's shadow. In the end, his father didn't care whether or not Sasuke was strong, but he admired him for his spirit. Hinata was forced into hers. And then there's the fact that Sasuke's clan DIED and there isn't the problem of the main vs. branch house thing on top of having an oppressive father. Her father outright disdains her. I really don't see much of a similarity between them.

nah. this would be more of a shipping FC. XD I highly dislike crack though. I won't touch it. I do like a bunch of non-canon pairings though... like ones where there IS NO canon... like KakaAnko, which has to be one of the more hilarious couples.

Originally Posted by Highspeed0516 View Post
I'm sure Crazy's will be NaruHina heavy. But it remains to be seen if he can keep up with me.
WHOA? how'd you guess? XD ok. It's NaruHina-centric, with SasuSaku and guest appearances of ShikaTema, KakaAnko(for lulz), and others... lol... I sound like an ad... I'm hoping to start writing over the weekend. ^_^ I'm just lazy. :P

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