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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
...another thing I don't get is how people can like one pairing and then also like an opposing pairing... MAKE UP YOUR MINDS DAMMIT!!! lol. I really don't see how anyone could like ANY pairing with Gaara. Gaara is such a lifeless character. He's one of the more boring of the actually developed characters, mainly because he has NO personality WHATSOEVER. WHY do people take the littlest things between characters and blow them up into huge deals? Gaara doesn't feel for Sakura at all. At the time, be bareley felt anything at ALL. NaruSasu... I don't respect crack. At all. They're both straight so don't pervert their characters. That goes for pretty much all yaoi in Naruto. I can respect it when it's NOT shonen, but otherwise, NO. I have no problem with yuri though. XD
LMAO. >.<

Maybe beacuse I don't choose to view a crack!pairing, that exists solely in fandom, as something that opposes SasuSaku? Because it has little to no chance? That might be it? xP (the only pairing that fits that bill is NaruSaku, and I like it to an extent. 'Specially the fanart XD)

Gaara is NOT lifeless. o.o Maybe you should rewatch some of the series, and see his anger and resentment, and also his strong need for love. I see Gaara as a character that is a very calm and placid on the outside (now that he's more stable), but has a great depth of feeling hidden within him. And I will always love his accurate and empathetic insight into Kimimaru's existence.

I wasn't trying to take what happened between Sakura and Gaara, and blow it out of proportion. But you could still take it, use it as a base, and write a story! XD That's all! lol
But I don't agree that Gaara barely felt anything at all. What is rage and confusion and anger if not feeling? o.o What about him being in awe of Naruto or when he apologized to his siblings? You think Sakura's actions left no impression on him AT ALL? Even though it was her act that triggered his memories? I think that's unrealistic. I am definitely not saying that that was enough for Gaara to fall for her, but it is a place to start if one wanted to write about the two characters. Have I explained that clearly enough? XD

Psh. Typical. Against Yaoi but for Yuri. Despite both being just as unrealistic in this series. /no need to say anything else. >.>

And if you ask me, NaruSasu is da Canonorz. =] lmao.

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
They don't have much of a similar background, besides coming from rich, powerful clans. Sasuke made his own expectations for himself. He LET himself be living in his brother's shadow. In the end, his father didn't care whether or not Sasuke was strong, but he admired him for his spirit. Hinata was forced into hers. And then there's the fact that Sasuke's clan DIED and there isn't the problem of the main vs. branch house thing on top of having an oppressive father. Her father outright disdains her. I really don't see much of a similarity between them.

nah. this would be more of a shipping FC. XD I highly dislike crack though. I won't touch it. I do like a bunch of non-canon pairings though... like ones where there IS NO canon... like KakaAnko, which has to be one of the more hilarious couples.
Ah, Sasuke didnt just 'let' himself be in his brother's shadow. Ya might remember that Fugaku always said this to Itachi and not to Sasuke: "As expected of my son," If your father always said that to your older brother, you don't think that would implant feelings of insecurity? Combined with Itachi's excellence? I think so. >_>

And Fugaku DEFINITELY cared if Sasuke was strong. o.o Maybe you should rewatch that too? (<3) Fugaku didn't start expressing admiration of Sasuke's spirit until AFTER he had walked away (commenting that it was too early, which is showing a lack of faith in Sasuke), from teaching Sasuke the katon.

The fact that Sasuke's clan was murdered shouldn't come between him and Hinata. Would Hinata ever say or do something insensitive concerning that? No way. That's not in her nature. And seriously, you don't have to be exactly like your partner for a relationship to work. o.o Empathy, it's a wonderful thing. xP And Hinata's got empathy.

If you dont see similarity, then that's... fine? o.o But I do. <3

KakaAnko IS crack. XP I kinda like KakaKure and IruAnko... I'm not big on them (or any KonohaXAkatsuki pairings)... but they're fine with me.

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
as far as crack pairings go, I dont know why, but whenever I read some NaruIno fanfics I kinda enjoy even though I dont support that pairing at all.
Thats cool. For me, after Hinata, I like Naruto with Ino. Though I also don't really support the pairing or actively look for it. *shrugs* But those two blondes just look cute together, and I enjoyed their dynamic in that one filler arc.... XD
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