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Re: The Official 2008 Presidential Election Thread

I am not convinced that Hilary Or Obama will solve anything they are in too deep with the corporations. In fact you cannot get nominated unless you are in with the corporations.
I had my hopes set on Dennis Kucinich but he never had much chance...nor does Ron Paul.
Ralph Nader is running...but will anyone vote for him?
I mean.....We as a country...waste trillions of dollars on manufacturing weapons.
Thats more then All the other industrialized countries combined.......If we could slice the military budged by a third...we could afford Free Healthcare and Free Colleges and all the things this country and it's people need.
But Even if we could slice the Military budget...we're in too much debt to do anything about it........I'm hoping Obama....wins...maybe he'll do something.
But I'm just grasping at straws.
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