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Oh one more thing: Do you think Darth Raven is male or female in true story (out of RPG)! I think he is male cause Raven seems to me more male than female name?????

Okey I am making a Star Wars quizz join if you want every corect answer brings you 5 points who ever do 100 wins!!!!!

1. What is the name of war that is happening in first 3 movies?
2. How many siths there are in Star Wras KOTOR 2 ?
3. What was the name of jedi who destroyed Count Doku?

Okey new topic.....Master Yoda said: "There are only two of less.....a master and aprentice! It was always like that!" He ment on Siths! Okey than how do Siths always come back if you destroy all of them (Episode VI Darth Vader and Sidious & KOTOR Darth Silion and Nihilious and Treya and one more (so here you go they are four here))! Were Jedies blind when they didnt see the act of the Siths (they are never alone those two)? Even master Yoda (which I dont think he is not the greates Jedi there were so many powerfull than he is) didnt do his homework! In the past before Yodas time the Siths werent only two! There were a Siths academies just like the Jedi academies! So the question is:

Was this a blindness of Jedies or mistake of creators?

Here is what I think: Jedies blind: no they have everything on theirs holonets so they new Siths were never only two! Mistake of creators: nope again! Siths need to be more than two or they would be destroyed thousends of years BBY* ! They needed to create a more Siths so they could stand up against Jedies! So the only thing left: YODA DIDNT DO HIS HOMEWORK!!!!! Shame on you Yoda!!!!!

What do you think!!!!!

*BBY-before bettle on Yavin!!!!!
Okey you have three new questions and three questions from the quizz! And Malaks army.....I dont know its kind a stupid every army of acent Sith is frozen 0.0! Its not how real story and books show but hay what ever works on good game!
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