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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Couple debates, debates in general, are all going to be biased. Both sides can pull out as much evidence as they want, but so long as they remain steadfast and stubborn in their ideas, there's hardly ever going to be an ending to it. Opinions are opinions.
Opinions may be opinions but facts are also facts. I base my fandom off of Kishi's straight facts and clues as given in the Manga and databooks. If you'd have read through that link I posted you would have seen quite a few of those straight facts. I also base it off of Kishi's factual, data-based info which supports SasuSaku moreso than NaruSaku as it. When you base an opinion and personal preference off of the facts, it no longer becomes "just an opinion." If it's based in fact, than it's going to be more factual. How many mentions of the word "love" do you want? How many instances of romantic interaction and/or development? How many examples from Kishi do you need? I have it and can provide it, but I don't think I need to. Yes, your side may happen. But I say, based on facts, clues, and evidence, that my side of it is more likely to happen at the heart of it.

I'm too tired to get into this right now. But if what Naruto feels for Sakura is just a crush . . . then it follows that what Hinata feels for Naruto is also just a crush. Two sides of the same coin.
I'm not letting you get off saying that. Naruto had a crush, simple. It was liking Sakura because of 2 things: he thought she looked nice, and he admired her for wanting to be noticed (something he also found later in Hinata). After that, they grew a bond closer, yes, but not romantic. It was that of a brother-sister bond, as they would and should develop. Hell, Naruto even accepts Sakura's feelings for Sasuke as shown in several places in which he witnessed her affection for him (the hospital, her begging to bring Sasuke back, etc.). With Hinata, she admired him from day one. She always liked him, and had feelings beyond a crush. She acknowledged him because noone else did, yet he had a ton of confidence. See the scene at the training grounds before the chuunin exams for her entire list of reasons. She also referes to it during her fight with Neji and Naruto's fight with Kiba. In the databooks it uses the word "love" to describe her feelings for him. Now tell me this: Why would Kishi even include a character with the specific purpose of building confidence through Naruto, acknowledging him when noone else did, and having development with him on a similarly romantic level every time they're shown together, despite her not being one of the main characters, and then just not do anything with her after that? If NaruSaku happened, it would almost defeat the purpose of her entire character even on Kishi's level for creating her in the first place, as she was obviously designed for the certain reasons as mentioned above and more, all involving her connection with Naruto except for her ties to the Hyuuga clan, which actually only helps my purpose due to her past and family occurences, which ties directly into her connections with Naruto and her admiration of him.

Anyway, I think I made a decent point. It's 3:18 am, I'm tired, and I'm gonna go to bed. Either way, I know it won't matter, but at least read what I wrote.
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