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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by musoukaShinobi View Post
Okay, I'm gonna come out of the corner for a sec...

I agree. Naruto wouldn't be so cold as to completely cold-shoulder Hinata if she plucked up the courage to confess.

Also agreed. Naruto and Sakura have almost nothing in common. NaruSaku fans might say “they understand each other cuz of their dramatic pasts!!!” Sakura was made fun of. Boo hoo. I will say this though. They do share the same goal, and are working together to achieve it (save Sasuke, blah blah blah) BUT that doesn’t prove anything. Naruto wants to save his best friend, Sakura wants to save the guy of her dreams. SasuSaku has much more backup than NaruSaku, which is only a silly crush. ( Yes, I’ll probably be
e-bitchslapped by many people for that). SasuSaku has the goal described earlier, and the part 1 stuff, and NaruHina has the Part 1 stuff, and the fact that they probably understand each other the most (not being “good enough”, cast off as worthless).

Oh and ummm… Naruto and Shippuuden are the same thing, part one and part two…
Thats total bull, Naruto and Sakura have more in common than both SasuSaku and NaruHina put together. Seriouslly both of their personalities show more common traits than the other two.

I also love the fact that Sasuke bitch smacked Sakura asleep not even aknowledging her feelings. Then almost causing the deaths of her fellow Ninja including, not to mention the he almost killed Naruto (which at the very least was a close friend of hers). AND THEN SakuSasu lovers expect Sakura to still love him unconditionally. Yeah ok keep thinking that

Then when people say, NaruHina has more development than any other pairing. Are you serious ? Nothing has developed past the point as Naruto accepting her as a good ninja, and Hinata touching her self at night cause she's too much of a pansy to at least give the kid some real clues.

Now I know thats basically the same thing NaruSaku had going on in part one, but for someone to say that the pairing hasn't gained some recognition or development in part 2 is basically blind.

Ah well.

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