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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

I liked your other post. But this one, eh, not so much. -.-

Though you arent the only one recently who has been rude.
INC and HFX both judged HighSpeed's view of Hinata before he even shared it... and that's not fair at all. Especially since HS is usually always respectful of other's points and tries to look at it from all sides. -.- I know pairing debates can get heated, but if we actively try not to prejudge each other, we can keep it civil. And yeah, we're all biased. That's why its better to use as much evidence as possible (manga, databook, anime interpretation, etc) with our points.

Originally Posted by ralatone View Post
Thats total bull, Naruto and Sakura have more in common than both SasuSaku and NaruHina put together. Seriouslly both of their personalities show more common traits than the other two.
I agree with this. Naruto and Sakura would always have similar reactions to Kakashi arriving late, they both react to the mention of Sasuke, both are perverted (Sakura's a closet perv tho xD), both clearly express a desire to help people and to understand them, both are determined and emotional.

Though I think Hinata and Sasuke aren't that different from Naruto and Sakura. At least, not on the inside. It's just that Hinata and Sasuke are more introverted. And Sasuke, clearly, is lost.

Hinata, like Naruto, is naturally empathetic and understanding. Sakura grew into her empathy, it was something that she had to mold and develop within herself - which we saw in Part I, as she began to handle her feelings for Sasuke more maturely, started to see Naruto for who he was, and genuinely began to respect and care about Lee (as well as deepen her friendship with Ino during the Chuunin exams).

Sasuke, like Sakura, is intelligent and analytical. And he's not a naturally unkind person. He progressed a lot with Team 07, but that development was crippled once Itachi reappeared and psychologically tortured him. He was never 'chipper' around Naruto and Sakura, but he did risk his all for them.

Imo, these four are all enough alike that they work well together. *shrugs* I guess that's why I enjoy SasuSaku, NaruHina, NaruSaku, and SasuHina. XD

I also love the fact that Sasuke bitch smacked Sakura asleep not even aknowledging her feelings. Then almost causing the deaths of her fellow Ninja including, not to mention the he almost killed Naruto (which at the very least was a close friend of hers). AND THEN SakuSasu lovers expect Sakura to still love him unconditionally. Yeah ok keep thinking that

Sasuke's Entry, Databook: Sakura who needed him to the very last. His words were real
“Thank you…”

^ Acknowledgment.

Don't try to pull that, ever again. <.< Sasuke acknowledged BOTH of his bonds with Sakura and Naruto. His gratitude for Sakura and when he confessed that Naruto had become his closest friend.

It wasn't a 'bitch slap'. Nor was it intended to hurt her. And seriously, they're shinobi. Sakura can handle it. Sasuke's not the first male character to knock out a female, either. Princess Mononoke, in fact, has Ashitaka knock out Son. And, because it was almost the exact same movement I will mention it, Mirai Gohan knocked out Mirai Trunks in the DBZ special History of Trunks. None of these examples had malice behind them. And neither did Sasuke...

Besides, he picked her up and layed her on a bench. The very same bench where their story began.

Though, you could argue he had malice in Part II. I wouldn't fully agree, but you are free to give your view. ^^

Sasuke did hurt Naruto and put others in danger. However, Sakura cried to Naruto and begged him to save Sasuke (her life long wish, wasn't it? ^.~). And when Naruto returned unsuccessful... what did she think about? How much she should blame Sasuke for what he's done? OR was it how she was unable to do anything for Sasuke or Naruto, except cry and put everything on Naruto's shoulders? How Naruto had been willing to put his life on the line for Sasuke, unlike her? What did she think of recently in the anime, when she advanced on Sasuke? The promise she made to Naruto, and I think especially, to herself, about carrying her own weight next time.

Sakura isn't sitting around thinking about how much wrong Sasuke has done. Where is this impression coming from? All she has shown in Part II is a ready desire to save him. And a tear of relief when she learned of Orochimaru's defeat.

And if you can't see that in the chapters, perhaps Sakura's cover pages may shed some light? And a recent Sasuke one, that is, at the very least, interesting.

Chapter 208, Sakura: "When I look up to the sky between the narrow roofs, it reminds me of you, the one who is far, far away."

Chapter 265, Sakura: "The power to break open a path and see beyond. The power to find you."

Chapter 269, Sakura: "We are under the same sky. So then, for that day, silently and strongly..."

Chapter 363, Sasuke: "Neglected comrades, a cast-away love, a village extinguished. All that's left is a name and a memory."

Please show me where Sakura expresses animosity or shame towards Sasuke. Wasn't it she who punched Sai for calling Sasuke a worthless traitor? How does that reaction back up what you're presenting here? o.o

Then when people say, NaruHina has more development than any other pairing. Are you serious ? Nothing has developed past the point as Naruto accepting her as a good ninja, and Hinata touching her self at night cause she's too much of a pansy to at least give the kid some real clues.

Now I know thats basically the same thing NaruSaku had going on in part one, but for someone to say that the pairing hasn't gained some recognition or development in part 2 is basically blind.
Since I've never stated that about NaruHina... or NaruSaku, I'm going to end this here.

Though that was a bit insulting. Hinata has given Naruto clues: Her nindo is the same as his, she told him he was proud failure, and that when she sees him there is an impact on her heart. <.< Hinata's terribly shy, but she's got inner strength. AND if any of them are jerking off at night, it's freakin' Naruto and we all know it. XD /jk
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