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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

*reads all posts.*
*Laughs at what happens when ralatone gets passionate*
*wonders how much of that post was serious - especially on the SasuSaku part, because earlier he pointed out "at best" what Sakura's feelings for him could be. The gloves came off though, didn't they?*

I like all of UchihaTaija's observations.

Its very easy to get mad at sasuke for what he's done. Kishi intends it this way. If Sasuke is to have any chance at retribution, which I think his story is going to end up being about, he needs people to forgive him. That means Naruto and Sakura. And it even means Sakura still loves Sasuke.

I find the progression of Sakura's covers very interesting. Something is changing in her in regards to Sasuke too. The covers are only hints, so anything I would say would be biased. I'll try to be fair.

I would say there are some realities that she is starting to force herself to realize, and like her audience, has no idea what to expect from Sasuke anymore. Though, she probably still thinks about him all the time.
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