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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
I am still waiting on where you think Sakura blames Sasuke for anything. Seriously. I see that argument ALL the time floating around the NaruSaku fandom. And to be honest? It seems more like those fans projecting their own feelings about Sasuke onto Sakura. 'Cause if there's one character the majority of NaruSaku fans don't like, it's Sasuke. *observation has told me this <.<*
Well, I'm a NaruSaku fan, and I do like Sasuke and I dont mind at all if Sakura ends up with him honestly. Mainly because she's been driven to have him accept her and in his own way he has. So if, in the future they dont talk about their feelings for each other before and after he left, I'd kinda be irritated because it was an intrigale part of he charachter and I want to see how they reflect on that. There is also a small part of me that wouldn't mind it to happen due on part to Naruto's willingness of stepping aside to see their happiness even if it hurts him. I kinda dont want his sacrafice for "potential happiness" to be in vain, understand?

Now, I think that even if Sakura has deep emotional feelings for Sasuke still, that she must be in some way hurt and dissapointed on how he went about to gain more power. To say that him leaving didn't at least test maybe strain her feelings for him, is kinda of a joke, cause she does have a right to be upset with him after all that happend after the retrival arc.

Now, going back to Naruto I think that due to his sacrafice of letting go for his teammates sake shows that he has every right to be happy. So why not put him with someone who is very willing to make him happy whom we all know is Hinata? Now, I'll get to why I support NaruHina. I'll put aside the reason that Hinata is just bubbly cute and say that due to the fact that Hinata does admire him more than anyone else in the series should at least give her a shot in getting who she wants. Also like I said, I feel that Naruto deserves someone who would be affectionate towards him because he's a really good guy who is willing to sacrafice his happiness for others, so in turn he himself should be granted happiness. So thats why no matter what the outcome is, I hope Hinata eventually gets to voice her feelings to him because its basically been expected to happen for the longest time and to at least see each others reactions would be nice.

But then why would I be mainly a NaruSaku fan you ask ? Well I'll answer that one too ^_^. Yes, it's understood that Naruto stepped aside for the happiness of SasuSaku, and the fullest he accomplished as far as part 1 goes was Sakura understanding that he truley did understand her and cared for her and in turn she deeply respected him for it. Now I've always liked NaruSaku since the very beginning of the series because I just always wanted Naruto to achieve what he wants through his hard work and determination. One, becoming Hokage, and Two, having Sakura fall for him, anyways where is the fun if there isn't a challange? So ok, after part one he basically accepted that he probably wont get Sakura, but at least he got her to aknowledge him and respect him which is all cool in the end. So then here on rolls part 2 and both of them have matured and grown, and throughout part 2 we see through many occasions that Sakura could be showing a deeper intrest towards Naruto.

Now the reason I like this is because while Naruto still probably likes Sakura he keeps it furthur back knowing that she felt strongly about Sasuke. Then out of no where she begins giving clues and showing that she might care for him more than just "friendly." All he's really done has been acted like him self and showed her that he's matured, so it's nice to know that she might feel something for him and that he might still actually be able to get the girl he wanted for so long. Also the fact that they are becoming closer and learning more of each other because they have a common goal allows them both to feel like they are worth more. Something both of them have been fighting against during the whole series. There are deeper reason to why I like the pairing but I stated some of the main ones right here.

Basically this is how I really feel about the pairings, like I said the other post was just more words of sarcasm than anything else.
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