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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

I didn't catch the sarcasm, but I did wonder if you were serious, because it was a complete 180 from what you had just posted. Maybe its my fault for starting the little expirements, lol.

The problem ralatone ran into though, is a lot of NaruSaku fans do think that way. (As UchihaT pointed out) But there are also a lot of fans on the other side of the coin who think Naruto is too much of a moron to be in Sakura's league. (Placing their feelings on Sakura again.) I think we've proven the extremist attitudes need to be tempered now, so we can move on.

Now then, those NaruSaku pics were an awsome peace offering, and I'm impressed at UT's collection of fan art.

The only thing I would add (or make more clear about) in the nice long post that ralatone just did would be to note that Naruto has thrown up a defensive barrier on his feelings for Sakura because he realizes even if she does develop feelings for him there is still the issue of being "the next best thing."

Even if Sakura figures out her feelings this is a hurdle she would have to get over. Its going to take one more event involving all three team 7 members to hash out.

So . . an enfing like HinataFan X describes is perhaps likely, but I haven't seen digiman.
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