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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

Originally Posted by Distortion View Post
Saw it coming. I knew Shinji was probably holding back when he faught Grimmjow. I'm still wondering how the Vizards can fight without being in the shinigami uniform. O_o.
Haha.. Thats a good question, the same goes for Urahaha..

Nice.. Shinji is awesome character.. I agree with Shadow.. Lately I've been lookin' forward to Bleach a lot more than Naruto.. I guess its because the progress in Naruto-manga has been so slow lately (long, tirin' and bit borin' fights)..

Originally Posted by gin0va from MangaShare
Real quick translation for those who want to know Shinji's line in the spoiler pic. This line is fairly vague as there is absolutely no context and he could be either talking about his own appearance/dress or the person he is talking to.


"Well, aren’t you dressed normal(ly)".

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