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Battle between aka members

Let's say all Aka members gather for no reason at all and start fighting to the death.
Who would be the last man standing?
Who will be the first to fall?
Who will have an upper hand against who?


I say Itachi.

Deidara would esaly take down grounded members like Hidan, Kakuzu and maybe Kisame.
Orochimaru would have the upper hand against some aka members for being a sannin and having rly powerful jutsu. IMO the first to fall will be Konan. Itachi would just burn her with his Amaterasu. Itachi would win this battle. Why? He can shield himself with his Susanoo, he can burn anyone with his Amaterasu and he can cast Tsukuyomi. The biggest problem in this battle would be Sasori for strentgh in numbers. I think Kisame would have a lot of problem in this battle. One slash from Hidan and he's gone, and anyone can reach him. Still, Kisame can damage multiple targets with his water jutsu.
Kakuzu, Orochimaru and Itachi would be the most feared here. Zetsu might turn out to be quite strong.
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