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Re: Bleach Chapter Prediction

this is the script of the next chapter of bleach
here is the link where I found it
110 years ago

Aizen: Good morning.
Squad member: Good morning.
Squad member: Good morning vice captain.
Aizen: Good morning.
Aizen: Are you ready captain?
Hirako: Oh..yeah sure you can come in.
Aizen: Excuse me.
Hirako: Aren’t those clothes a bit normal? This is a festival, I told you to wear something dazzling Sousuke.
Aizen: You also captain.
Hirako: It’s ok I’m a captain.
Aizen: It wouldn’t be right if only I wore interesting clothes captain, and besides it is more of a ceremony than a festival.
Hirako: It’s a celebration, so it’s like a festival isn’t it?
Aizen: That’s not really how it is however what was that music playing a while ago?
Hirako: Jazz, it’s some new music from the living world, isn’t it cool?
Aizen: I don’t really get it.
Hirako: So why do you ask?

1st division

Hirako: Helloooooo it’s me! Captain of the 5th division. Can someone get the door? Heh I never come to first division cos every time I do the people get so nervous.
Aizen: These are the faces of nervous people? The ceremony is not that tiresome so please don’t fret.
Hiyori: You lot are so noisy, you know you can’t see the faces from that side Sousuke.
Aizen: It’s open now, please go inside.

Hirako is abruptly kicked in the face and sent flying.

Hiyori: Heya! Baldy Shinji! Doesn’t your face look easy to step on today!
Hirako: Hey you.. Hiyori.
Hiyori: I am not apologizing!
Hirako: I haven’t even said anything yet!

Love thumps Hiyori

Love: Apologize you brat!
Hiyori: why you…
Love: I can’t believe you..
Hiyori: What the hell Love! You think such a face is normal!
Love: Well if your captain isn’t around someone has to take care of the problems you make or there will be chaos.
Hiyori: Don’t talk to me like I’m a kid! I have no intention of apologizing! I can’t stand the sight of his face, it makes me sick!
Love: Yeah yeah..
Aizen: Captain please, maybe you should not make that face in front of everyone?
Hirako: Everyone is here already?
Love: Just about.
Hirako: The 11th division didn’t come?
Love: He is probably just playing hooky as usual and doesn’t seem to care what is said here ever anyway.
Hirako: I dunno Kenpachi real well since he never seems to be at these meetings. I wonder why we have to have a fellow captain who acts like such a pig.
Love: Well there is not much you can do, the seat of 11th captain is being held by Kenpachi whether we like it or not. If you want to blame anyone blame his predecessor.

Doesn’t say who, probably Kyouraku: I don’t really admire you lot talking smack about people.

Kyouraku, Ukitake and glasses (either Nanao or Risa) enter.

Love: Ah, hello, early today Shunsui san?
Kyouraku: What was that? Normally I am the first one here.
Glasses Nanao/Risa?: You can thank me for kicking that ass into gear today!
Kyouraku: Save that potty mouth for when we aren’t in front of other captains.
Ukitake: I don’t see Hikifune, she isn’t coming today?
Kyouraku: It seems she went over there already to check it out.
Ukitake: In such a hurry, it’s not as if it’s an urgent matter, it would be better to do it slowly.
Kyouraku: Indeed.
Hirako: but it's kinda like that you know...... this rushed changing of captains is bad. Rose has only just recently entered the 3rd division as captain and now the 12th is also changing... I wonder if the Gotei 13 will be okay.
Kyouraku: There are often times when everything is changing, we just happen to be in one of those times now.
Kyouraku: There’s no one really left from 100 years ago except me Ukitake and Yama jii right?
Ukitake: That’s not true captain Unohana is still here.
Kyouraku: Oh yeah that's true, I forgot about the great senpai, I'll be scolded... scary scary…but really, the 3rd has retired, the 12th has been promoted and there is no way the captain of 10th is dead. Its peaceful enough isn’t it?
Aizen: Promotion!?
Hirako: Oi Sousuke!
Aizen: I’m sorry captain, please excuse me for intruding on the conversation.
Kyouraku: Nah, its okay, what did you want to say Sousuke kun?
Aizen: The fact is that we are never informed of such things…so 12th division captain Hikifune has not retired but has been promoted you say?
Kyouraku: That’s how it is.
Aizen: Has the captain joined the central 46? Although I’m not sure I would think that it’s most likely promoted captains join the central 46.
Kyouraku: It’s not central 46, she has joined the Royal Guard, Squad Zero.
Aizen: !! Royal… Guard…

Captain we don’t know the name of: Oh finally you are here new guy, Jii san has been waiting for you.
Urahara: Ehhh? Hmmm could it be I am the last to arrive?

Hirako: Oh…some smart guy has arrived?
Aizen looks up: That’s right…

The next chapter has a colour spread


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