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One Piece Chapter 494 spoilers

494 trans by Ulrila

"Translated from Franky House's private RAW:

-----Page 01-----

Chapter 484: Tragedy of Duval

Cp9’s Independent Report – Vol.4: “Forced Mistake. Pursued by the World Government."

-----Page 02-----

Background text: Flying Fish Riders Decisive Battle!! Zoro is…!?

Zoro: Ugh…!!!

Flying Fish Rider: Dowaa!!

Brooke: Hah // Hah // …!! Nuoh…!! // Yoho!!! // Doha!! / I’ve reached my limit~~~!! / My legs are worn out! Though I have no muscles to wear out in the first place!!

Zoro: Brooke, you’re in high spirits… / You took down a lot of those flying fish.

Brooke: Hah…Hah~~~!! Nothing to bring me to my knees…!! / But perhaps a small rest wouldn’t hurt…

-----Page 03-----

Brooke: Zoro-san…It seems that damage you took is still…

Zoro: It’s not enough for me to lose to these fish freaks. // Don’t mind it. // …

Hachi: Nyu~~~ Keep your guard up, Roronoa!! // “Rokutouryuu” // “Takoashi Kiken”
TN: Rokutouryuu means “Six Sword Style”, “Takoashi Kiken” is something like Many Limbed Unconventional Sword (Kiken is probably a play on the other meaning of kiken, danger)

Flying Fish Rider: Bou!

Zoro: …

-----Page 04-----

Zoro: Heh…You saved us?

Hachi: Nyuu~~~!! Yeah!! Since you guys were just sitting around!! / Nyufufufufu~~

Keimii: Hacchi~~~~n!! // You were cool!!

Hachi: Nyu? Really? Nyufu… // Oh!!?

Flying Fish Rider: Die fishman!!

Brooke: Pardon!!!

Flying Fish Rider: Owah!!! // !?

-----Page 05-----

Hachi: I…I thought I was going to die. // Thanks.

Zoro: Your claws weren’t sharpened.

Transmitter: Don’t go alone. // Gather together the transformed group!!
TN: (“transformed” is “hentai [pervert]”)

Franky: Eh?

Flying Fish Rider: A woman!! It’s a waste, but we’ve been ordered to exterminate everyone.

Chopper: They’ve come!!

Transmitter: Attack with our transformed aerial assault team!!
TN: Again, “transformed” is “hentai”.

Franky: Eh?

Nami: I wonder if you can really kill me? Be my guest.

-----Page 06-----

Flying Fish Rider: Nu!? // What!? // Oh!? // What!!?

Nami: Too bad. / “Mirage Tempo.” // Be careful of those thunderclouds up ahead, okay?

Flying Fish Rider: Gyaaaaah!!!

Robin: “Dos Manos.” // “Clutch”!!!
TN: "Dos Manos" = "Two Hands"

Flying Fish Rider: Buheh!!!

-----Page 07-----

Chopper: “Kokutei” // “Diamond!!!”

Transmitter: Don’t break the formation!!
TN: “Formation” – “hentai”

Franky: Eh?

Flying Fish Rider: Uwah!! What is he!!? // Guns don’t work!!!

Franky: Strong Hammer!!!

Flying Fish Rider: Dowah~~~!!!"
"-----Page 08-----

Keimii: Amazing!! Everyone’s really strong, huh!! / Pappagu!!

Pappagu: To think they’d be this powerful… // I had thought we’d be escaping from here as fast as we could after we got Hachi back though.

Usopp: Hah / Hah // Franky, let’s attach the ship to the dock. / If we’re in the middle of the sea like this, those guys have the advantage.

Franky: You know that’s part of our pride. // And they’re not currently going to give us the time to move.

-----Page 09-----

Motobaro: Buoooooh!!

Luffy: Uwah!!! // Dangerous!! Dangerous!!

Zoro: Luffy.

Luffy: Run!! A big guy’s coming!!

Motobaro: Buooooh!!!

Hachi: A big guy!? Does he have an Iron Mask!?

Luffy: It’s that mask guy!! And a cow!!

Everyone: A cow!?

Motobaro: Buoooooh!!

Flying Fish Rider: That’s “Motobaro’s” voice! // It’s the Head!!

-----Page 10-----

Duval: Bastards, knocking things down and causing a big commotion!!!

Motobaro: Buooooh…!!!

Usopp: What is that! Something came out!!

Duval: You’re not mosquitoes!!! // You’re the “Flying Fish Riders”!!!

Usopp: He destroyed his own hut and came out…!!!

Text box: Duval’s Love Bison Motobaro
TN: Love Bison? o.O

Motobaro: Buoh…

Duval: …!! I don’t need this base anymore!! As long as I kill the Strawhat crew!!!

-----Page 11-----

Flying Fish Rider: I’m terribly sorry!!! Head!! // We’ll send all these guys flying into the ocean in a matter of…

Deval: Move!!! Fishmen have no business with mermaids! // If you run away go wherever the hell you want!!!

Hachi: !? // Uwah!

Duval: I didn’t enter this human trade business because I liked it!! // You all understand that, don’t you…!!!

Flying Fish Rider: Of course, head!!!

Duval: This glorious day, today is…!! That man who I’ve wanted to kill and kill, / that man who I’ve even seen in dreams is…!!!

Strawhats: !

Duval: Right here before my eyes…!!! / Thank you…There really is a god, huh…!! // T-h-a-t m-a-n who, on a certain day, / sent me to hell!!!

Usopp: Isn’t that guy looking at us while he’s talking?

Franky: …

Duval: Today, I…!!! / Even if it comes down to a battle of stabbing at each other…I will definitely kill you!!!

-----Page 12-----

Duval: Pirate “Black Leg” // “Sanji”!!!!

Sanji: !?

Duval: I’ve wanted to meet you…
TN: From this point on, he talks with a different accent. I’m not going to bother to try and make up an English equivalent because there isn’t one.

Man: This is bad! // His anger’s brought out the accent…!!!

Sanji: Me…!!? // He’s gonna kill me!? That guy…!!

Franky: Sanji!! Who is that guy! Doesn’t he have some kind of grudge against you!?

Nami: Wouldn’t it be from the restaurant? Try hard and remember!

Sanji: If we’re talking about back then…I made a lot of people get grudges against me.

Usopp: Rightful revenge.

Chopper: That guy’s scary!

-----Page 13-----

Duval: Don’t just sit on your ass, “Black Leg”!!!

Everyone: !!?

Duval: This is something recent!!!

Usopp: Watch out! Get down!!!

Sanji: Harpoons!!

Usopp: …!!? / He said it’s recent!? This makes less and less sense. // …Wait!! This harpoon, something’s weird about it…!

Duval: These are “scorpion’s poison” harpoons!!! / If they get you, you’ll be heading to the next world within three minutes!!!

Everyone: !!?

-----Page 14-----

Duval: Learn my wrath!! // I’ll kill both you and your crew~~~!!!

Nami: Kya!!

Sanji: Nami-san, be careful!!! // That bastard!! // Uoh! // Shit…!! / I don’t remember a thing!! Who the hell are you!!!

Luffy: I…saw what’s under that mask…!!

Zoro: Really!? Who the hell is he?

Luffy: I’ll show you right now!! Don’t be surprised!! // It’s a face you know too!

Zoro: Me too!?

Luffy: Ohhhh!

Duval: !

-----Page 15-----

Luffy: Oryaaa!!!

Duval: !!?

Flying Fish Riders: Ahh!! That bastard!!

Duval: Uh!

Everyone: …!!

Flying Fish Riders: Duval-sama’s…Iron mask got…!!!

-----Page 16-----

Duval: Fine. Take a good look…!! // Take a good look at my scarred face…!!

Usopp: Ahhhh!!!

Nami: No way…!!!

Chopper: Eh~~~!!?

Luffy: Hah // Hah

Sanji: …!!

-----Page 17-----

Zoro: This guy…!!

Robin: Maa.

Brooke: Oh my.

Franky: Uohhh… // I’m moved...

Duval: I’ve waited for this day… // In order to send you to hell, I set out to sea…!! // But finding you…Has been a problem…!! / …Because the face on the wanted poster is different from the face of the person himself…!! // Even if bounty hunters or the marines came across the real one, they might just pass him by!! // No, there’s no way that could happen…!! They’ll find you guys!!!

Flying Fish Riders: Head…!!

Usopp: Oi, Sanji, where are you…!?

They’ll find you and they’ll say,” // “Found you!!” // “Black Leg Sanji”!!! / And then I…

-----Page 18-Page19-----

Duval: I’m not him!!!! / I don’t know him!!!! // I’m not even a pirate!!!! // Do you understand it!? The dread of one day, all of a sudden, being hunted down!? // …And then…I started getting chased by “Marine Headquarters”!!! // Famous bounty hunters started aiming for my life! // What did I do!!? // Give me back my life~~~!!!

Sanji: Like I care~~~!!!

Duval: Bobeh~~~!!!

Background text: The tragedy of the bounty face!!""

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