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Re: Naruto Pairings FC

I'd be willing to accept NaruSaku, but only if Sasuke dies. Otherwise, I advocate NaruHina and SasuSaku.

Although, if I were to predict the end of the series from what I've seen so far and other experience, then here's a copy of my prediction in aother thread:

I always thought that Sasuke would die at or very close to the end of the series. He can't truly restore his clan, and he has had this whole revenge thing polute his mind. He can't really return to Konoha after what he did, and the damage he caused, as very, very few people would just greet him with open arms. Also, to make him good in the eyes of all the fans again, but in a very cliche way, I see him jumping in front of the final boss's attack that would surely be fatal to Naruto, killing himself in the process. This leads to at least a whole episode of flashbacks to each and every excrutiating detail of them in the series, eventually revolving around the similar situation in the Haku fight, there's one, very particular line exchange, such as the "scaredycat" line, and then he dies. In any case, it takes a turn exactly liek the Haku fight. Naruto goes crazy, gets some form of massive power boost, eventually takes out this final boss using one, giant, overly drmatic exploding form of his number one move, most likely a 100% juiced-up RS, which leaves him either crying over Sasuke or totally unconscious. Now, if this is the case, it ends with Sasuke's death and probably a glimpse into the future Hokage Naruto, and it ends, or in a total PnJ turn, Sasuke was still alive, like the Haku fight, and then everyone lives happily ever after, Naruto becomes Hokage, Sakura and Sasuke make little Uchiha babies etc.
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