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Re: Naruto Chapter 396 Spoiler Discussion

Originally Posted by Matthekage View Post
What the? ....Why would Mandara need Obitos' sharingan when hes' own are permanent. Perhaps, maybe, Obito's dead. Next chapter Kisame and hebi will also become aware of the Itachi/Sasuke situation, and we will have all groups heading to ground zero. At this point we will have some kick ass shinobi gathered. No, really I have a feeling we have some much needed background material coming. I wouldn't complain.

well incase u havnt noticed, madara only has one sharingan that we know of and it happens to be on the side that kakashi didnt get, if u had looked in previous threads u would have seen my theory but since ur new i'll let u off i was a serious disbaleiver on the obito theory till lately, now it just makes sense to me, and usually things that make sense to me turn out correct i just think that since this year will focus on kakashi aswell, that theres def something from his past going to pop up, and since obito is mentioned frequently i think he may have some part in it!!
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