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Re: Naruto Chapter 396 Spoiler Discussion

Originally Posted by Katon707 View Post
well incase u havnt noticed, madara only has one sharingan that we know of and it happens to be on the side that kakashi didnt get, if u had looked in previous threads u would have seen my theory but since ur new i'll let u off i was a serious disbaleiver on the obito theory till lately, now it just makes sense to me, and usually things that make sense to me turn out correct i just think that since this year will focus on kakashi aswell, that theres def something from his past going to pop up, and since obito is mentioned frequently i think he may have some part in it!!
Yep. Thought of it also. Madara isn't showing more than an eye, and why wouldn't he? I mean if he has the EMS why is he using only one eye? Something must have happened and I think it is related to Obito.

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