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Re: Naruto Chapter 396 Spoiler Discussion

either zetsu is really fast or pein is really slow. because zetsu watched an entire fight and still made it to naruto before pein.

my prediction:
kakashi has kiba and hinata find out where madara and zetsu are going. He doesnt mention to anyone else that he saw madaras sharingan because hes stil in too much shock. as theyre about to move out we hear " not so fast" and see the silhouettes of the 5 remaining pain bodies in the trees. cut to kisame and hebi karin announces that one of the people fighting has died and the other is on the verge of death, both them and kisame stop theyre fight and take off towards sasuke and itachi. I do believe that in upcoming chapters kisame will find out the true intentions of madara and will disagree with him. i dont think he will turn good but i dont think he will fight for madara anymore and will be killed by him.
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