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Re: Naruto Chapter 396 Spoiler Discussion

Originally Posted by uzumaki619 View Post
Kakashi: Hhhhhee had the sharingan....

Yamato: Sempai are you sure?

Kakashi: Yes, definitely, could he be?

Naruto: We dont have time for this! Sasuke!!!!!!!!!

Kiba: Narutos right for once. This may be our only chance, aloe-vera dude said sasukes in trouble.

We see tobi and zetsu in the uchiha hideout

Tobi: Finally the chance!

Zetsu: So you sabotaged itachi's mankangeou so that it would bleed every time he used it

Tobi: Yes, if Itachi won and gathered the eyes....

Zetsu: And itachi wouldnt kill sasuke because he longed for his path to a new vision.

Tobi: (reaches for itachi's eye)

Next time: Regret!!!
That makes me wonder.... If Madara eyes where dmged in the battle with the 1st and that could be the reason why he only has one eye now. I'm assuming he took Obito other eye. mmmmm... This could be one of the reason so many people(on the forums) expect him to be Obito.
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