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Re: Naruto Chapter 396 Spoiler Discussion

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
I have a feeling we are going to be in for a shock.

Even though we know how Madara looked like in his youth, I have a strong feeling that we may see something quite disturbing under mask. Probably some huge insane battle scars, or perhaps his face has been severely burned. Or is face could look like the face of a corpse. Who knows? If he turns out to look like he did all those years back, I would be irritated.
I believe you might be right on his basic appearance because why else would he ware an odd looking mask.

I don't believe Madara is immortal I just believe that he has copied a jutsu that would make his body age slower than usual that's why he hasn't kicked the bucket yet.

As for Obito being Madara or Madara taking the body of a dead boy, I just don't see that being a possibility because first of all, Obito's body was completely crushed in half by a boulder and then he gave his left and only working eye to kakashi as a parting away gift.

Secondly why would Madara want to get the body or eyes of a dead boy when he himself was partly responsible for the Massacre of his clan.

Madara being a shell of his former self might mean that he has probably lost his full strength and legendary status because he is aging.

I did't know why Itachi couldn't have used a body double to initially fight Sasuke.

We know that the body double Itachi used to fight both Naruto and Kakashi had only 30% of his Chakra and so therefore couldn't use the Ms.

If Itachi was truly a genius that they claimed him to be, he probably would have a used this technique at > than 70% Chakra. That's why he was reacting that way.
Originally Posted by Namikaze85 View Post
the only aka who wa normal for now is itachi and that's all. He is an actual human who doesn't turn into paper or have 5 hearts or is immortal or a puppet or have mouths on his chest and hands.

Oh or a shark.
Itachi is not a regular human, he has red eyes that can kill stuff and make you see things.

Wait a minute, may be Itachi looks like a lizard man or a gaint crow (HmmHm, that's some lovely drumstick said "AloeVera", while salivating).
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