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2008 preview

none of this is my wording, i found this on another forum. I also hate the fact that i found this on april fools which lessens its credibility. but oh well if its not a good thread then please remove it. Otherwise enjoy.
from here on down i had nothing to do with this besides the copying and pasting.

First of all, I would like to warn you all about this, these are Kishi's preview that aren't confirmed yet*; however, most of them seems quite true/confirmed about it, and please understand that it's quite hard to translate directly Korean to English , and it would be messed up b/c i used translator in parts too. So please excuse the WEIRDASS phrases.
*Kishi told this preview before 2008 Jump Festa.

1. Akatsuki Leader's(not confirmed if its Pein / Madara) strength can't be matched even with 3 Sannins of the leaf.

-> With Jiraiya's death against Pain this seems to be confirmed, and by knowing that even Orochimaru was under Pain's lead
when he was in Akatsuki

2. There is another character in Akatsuki, and unexpected member will bring a chaos

-> I would also like to say this preview is confirmed, and this unexpected member would be Tobi(Uchiha Madara)

3. One of the Akatsuki's member becomes friend/ally with Naruto

-> not yet confirmed, I'm expecting it to be Konan or Kisame

4. Naruto's seal will be released by the end of 08, or beginning of the 09. At least 4 tails will be released, be prepared it could be shocking scene

-> also not yet confirmed...

5. Toad dies(he laughs)

-> confirmed with Jiraiya's death

6. 3 of Naruto's important people will die or get seriously injured

-> almost confirmed. Jiraiya(dead), Sasuke(injured, barely alive), maybe Kakashi or Tsunade for 3rd person

7. Sasuke's skills cannot be matched against Naruto's new skills.

-> not yet confirmed, seems to be will be. These "new skills" will be the result of 2 and half year training, that Naruto had hid it all along until now.(May include Jiraiya's restriction... but well Naruto will use it anyway)

8. Sasuke v. Itachi is great scale, and later Naruto's information about family and bloodline will show up

-> confirmed with first part, Sasuke v. Itachi is over with Sasuke's victory. Quite funny that my prediction matched with Kishi's even though its not confirmed yet. I've thought there would be something about "Namikaze" ever since 4th name was revealed

9. Sai, he will cause something huge(laughs)

-> hmm interesting... reminds me of Jiraiya's warning... not confirmed yet

10. 4th's secret and bloodline will be shown

-> confirmed, by revealing that 4th's blood line with its name "Namikaze Minato"* Also confirmed by showing that 4th is Naruto's father
*I expect there are more secrets about 4th

11. 2 huge characters of Konoha will die.

-> Jiraiya, in my opinion next one will be Kakashi or Tsunade

12. There is a female member in Akatsuki

-> confirmed, Konan

13. Akatsuki will invade Konoha with its mysterious beasts, and Shiranui Genma will provide great help to Konoha

-> not yet confirmed

Followings are the Kishimoto's words @ 2008 Jump Festa

1. Uchiha's secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die

-> confirmed, Uchiha's secret of MS and etc revealed by Itachi, and Itachi is dead.**
** I think there will be more secrets about Uchiha besides about MS and Madara

2. Akatsuki's leader kills 6 people

-> not yet confirmed, however I think Pain did kill "6" people including Jiraiya. The other 5 would be Pain's bodies.

3. Sasuke and Itachi's fight will cause chaos; Uchiha, Uchiha Madara's secrets are revealed and all the skills of the MS are revealed. The fight will end with death of one.
*** MS : Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and finally Susano'o

4. Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi's team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi's team. Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the "beasts".
Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto's team.

-> not yet confirmed.

5. 3 new members will join the Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage

-> not yet confirmed, but the brother/sister of the Hokage will be likely to be Tsunade's???

6. Naruto's new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain. He have learned all of the Jiraiya's jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became much stronger. He did not learn the "toad mode or w.e u call it". Naruto
also learned 3 of the 4th's jutsus.

-> not yet confirmed

7. After all these fights, there will be a great war

-> not yet confirmed

8. There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to

-> not yet confirmed

9. Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed, and Jinchuuriki will kill one of the Akatsuki and invades Konoha by him/herself. During the fight one will die, and
one will lose his/her eyesight

-> also not yet confirmed.

p.s. Again, I Don't have credits because this was collected at this one Korean NF.
Therefore i have just TRANSLATED it, and please excuse WEIRDASS phrases
because I used translator to translate it.
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